Friday, May 19, 2017

Writing My Artist Talk For The "Healing Process" AGSA Show

Over the last week or so I have been working on my artist talk for the coming "Healing Process" exhibition in August. I want the talk to be a tribute to my beautiful father and to also show the collaboration we both committed to produce the photographs. This was the last long series of photographs we worked together on, my father allowed me access and posed for me in subliminal important ways that contributed so much to the the finished series.

I need to express in the talk who my dad was as a person and also how we worked together on this thing. Another important theme is how through the making of the photographs I was able to cope with the loss of dad a bit easier. Art allowed me an important outlet during that very difficult year. I was able to hide behind the camera, use it as a tool to express my families shared difficulty, grief and sadness.

I will not read my notes when I speak to the crowd (how many people?) but want to have some key points written on cards which I can refer to before launching into my stories. I will speak in the gallery in front of the work for 30-40 minutes I believe. I still have to go over this with Jenny the curator of the AGSA when she does a studio visit with me on June 20. Am really looking forward to this talk. As mentioned earlier I will donate the speaking fee to the children of the dump in Thailand on behalf of my father. This will be dads last gift, he can help some children in need, BEAUTIFUL!