Thursday, May 4, 2017

Being A Working Artist Is BUSY!

Busy busy busy boy Gerry! Gosh being a exhibiting "ARTISTE!":) is a tough gig. You actually have to print the photographs (after finding the negs), spot, mat and frame them. You have to reschedule work days for the opening nights. You have to figure out how and when to have meet ups with curators and figure out when you can fit in your artist talks. Am doing all of that and more tonight at work.

Of course I am not complaining, after all the rejections I received to have these current exhibition opportunities is exciting and enriching but boy is preparing the work and scheduling art things time consuming.

It looks like the next months will be quite busy.

- May 29 is the deadline for dropping off the "TRUMPET" exhibition prints at Latitude 53 downtown (a work night for me)
- June 3 is the opening night for "Trumpet". I did a mutual exchange with the other night guard to get that shift off.
- June 6 or June 29-24 (not sure which date yet) I will have the curator of the AGSA over to the darkroom and to see the prints that will be exhibited in "Healing Process".
- June 7-11 am taking my mother for a holiday to a mountain hot springs.
- June 25 working the other half of the mutual shift exchange.
- August 3 opening night for "Healing Process" at the AGSA gallery.
- August 12-24 or 31 (not sure which date yet) I will be doing an artist talk for the "Healing Process" show, probably 30-40 minutes in front of the pictures. Looks like the artist talk is a go, which means more money for the children-families at the dump, a gift from dad to them.

I also have to fit in a ton of printing and my regular work schedule. This time of year am also doing yard work at 2 houses, my own and my mothers. Over the summer and fall I also need to test all the gear I will take with me to Thai for the 6 month film making and photography trip.

Busy busy busy boy Gerry. Am starting to get confused by it all. I might have to actually buy one of those paper calender books and start writing all these dates and times down! Heck why am I bitching? I love it! This is fricking great!

"Ain't Photography Grand!!" (think I need to put that thought-phrase on my tombstone, love it!).