Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tonight's Exhibition Show Print Attempt!

Working on one of the for sure in the show photographs tonight. I ended up making 4 versions and had one mistake image (forgot to open up the lens for the burn).  The strange part of this photograph is that it requires a major burn on a bright bright sun highlight in the foreground. I have to open up the lens 2 stops to f2.8 then burn with a mask for 300 seconds at filter grade 00 to bring down that bright annoying/glaring highlight. I found out by accident ( in my mistake print) that there was some fogging occurring through my RC paper mask (one level of paper). I was going to add a second paper layer to the mask when I discovered I liked the look of the slight fog on the white highlights of the background. Go figure, sometimes mistakes help an image, this fogging was accidental paper flashing, and it worked! I used a card to dodge selected parts of image during the major burn to get less fog in those areas.

I will now let the 4 possibles dry and move on to what might be final show print for the "TRUMPET" exhibition a working in the dump shot. Tonight's printing session will be in excess of 12 hours.

First attempt at "Baby In Dump Shack" photograph, Mae Sot Thailand 2013