Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Link: 35x35 Glass Plate Negatives?

I could make 35x35 inch glass plate negs with the HF3535 and then contact print them to photo paper or make platinum/palladium prints like in this video by FC Luynes (10:00).
FC Luynes making 7x17 Cyanotype and Platinum Palladium prints.

This could be VERY exciting and could turn into some first class, unique and powerful work. I would start with 4x5 glass plate negs and move my way up. I do not like the blue thingy in Cyanotypes but love the warm rich tonality of Platinum Palladium. Not sure if you can do P/P this way, maybe a digital negative with smaller film/glass plates would work better. It is worth trying thou, could be loads of fun. When your creating, making art, there are NO RULES. All that matters is that final piece on a gallery wall that excites and inspires folks.

Note* Ilford makes all kinds of large roll fiber photographic paper. I could get free shipping on these to Edmonton, then use this paper with the 35x35 plates, for contact work.
Ilford photographic fiber paper in rolls-B&H
Beautiful Platinum Plaladium Print By FC Luynes