Sunday, May 7, 2017

Digital Files Will Become Platinum Prints!

While driving the truck around the perimeter of the plant during my round I thought of something I should have thought of much earlier. When I learn to make platinum prints I will finally have a way to output all my digital made camera files. I can shoot the sh-t out of my Canon 5D Mark 3 next trip and then eventually make those files into beautiful 1000 year life platinum prints!!!

Canon 5D Mark 3---> Strong Photograph-->Digital file--->Enlarged Digital Negative-->Large Beautiful Platinum Print!!

"Ain't Photography Grand!!"

I have not been able to see my digital camera photos in any print form. I do not do digital printing so the files have remained invisible, except for the few I have posted on this blog. Now I can out put them onto paper, and hopefully into gallery exhibitions and possibly collections. The thought of having a way to out put those digi files into traditional analog style photography photographs is so exciting to me.

Note* I might also be able to output those same digi files onto silver gelatin. There is a UV machine (expensive) that I am researching that has the ability to do both high intense UV light and multigrade lower end softer lighting for normal silver gelatin fiber paper photographic printing. If I can buy one of those units, then the sky is the limit for me. I can print anything most anyway.

I might also be able to set up a sideline business making darkroom prints from customers digital files. That could eventually help pay for the UV light source and all the platinum printing supplies. Workshops might also be an option in the not to distant future. The currenty gerneration of photographers-visual artists all need to promote analogue photography and all the alternative processes, so they continue to thrive and live on into the next century.