Friday, May 12, 2017

"TRUMPET" Exhibition Update

Chris from the VAA recommended that I do 20x24 prints in the same white frames, he also OKed my negative selections. I will there for go ahead with what I am doing now and make all new 20x24 images on Ilford FB off the negs that are sharp and work for me. I will exhibit them matted in white metal 26x30 frames.

Note* Yesterday I ordered 5 sheets of 3mm plain glass to change out the plastic in the 26x30 frames. The glass will cost around $25 a sheet. Later on I will also change out the plastic in the 3 28x32 white frames for the "Healing Process" show. I think this is an important upgrade in my framing. Later on as I continue to move up the gallery ladder I plan to buy wooden frames of similar sizes. Wood looks the best in my opinion.

Note** I prefer plain glass to all the weird ass and very expensive variants which always look dirty and cloudy to me. With plain glass you do get reflections but everything is so much brighter and cleaner feeling.