Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tonights Second Finished Exhibition Photograph

Here is the second finished exhibition print of the night, the dad eye photo. This was made about 4-6 days before dad passed away. I made it on my work week, after I saw the light coming in from the blinds, I had to run to the car to get the camera. I ended up making 4 or so photos, this one was the the best. Dad staring right at me. Dad did that lots those last few days, quietly stare at me. I remember this look so well, saw it over and over again (another artist talking point I think).

He was able to see a small version of this picture before he died. I think he liked this one, he looked at it for several minutes.

Note* The pictures on this blog of the finished framed exhibition photographs are more contrasty than the prints look in real life. I printed harsher (to tell dads story more effectively) this time round but not as harsh as seems here. I would guess 1/2 to 1 grade less than it seems in these reproductions. I wish I could show these photos to my father.

"Dad Stare (Eye)" from "My Father's Last Days", for  the "Healing Process" exhibition, photographed Feb 2015 Canada