Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Will Get The $100 Exhibition Shipping Fee!!, Donation Totals Growing

Found out today I will get the $100 shipping fee for taking my prints to Latitude 53 gallery and for picking them up later. You got to love that, $100 for driving my car about and dropping off some exhibition prints.

I now will earn $500 in donation money from this "Trumpet" exhibition. $400 for the artist fee and $100 for the shipping fee. With the artist talk dad gift fee for "Healing Process" ($50? $100?) I am over the $500 barrier for my "Families of the Dump" donation. I am also going to receive monetary donations from 2 of the people I emailed recently begging for help (2 from maybe 50 emails, not great but still better than nothing). These added donations from good kind people will pull the money numbers still higher. I was hoping to have $1000 before I left Canada, maybe I can reach that goal. I might have to throw in my second artist fee (from Healing Process) or some of my security guard salary to reach it. I was hoping to put the second artist fee towards my photo paper payments, I paid roughly $1300-1500 CAD in photo paper costs to B&H for the 2 shows. I will have some paper left over (30-40 20x24 sheets) but that still lots of money on paper.

I will also receive hats, and toys from people I work with. The company and people I work with at as a security guard have been VERY generous in the past so maybe some dollars will come from there again, hope so. If not the second hand hats and toys are greatly appreciated and more than enough.

My air ticket is bought (not paid for but bought!). The money, and donated goods are coming together. Things are rounding out nicely. I can return to the dump to photograph, film and help the people again soon. I am quite eager to see everyone. How have things change? It will be about 1 year 5 months since my last visit, many things no doubt will be different. Hope everyone is still alive and in reasonably good shape. Life in the dump can be extremely brutal, things can go bad quickly.