Friday, May 5, 2017

Ordered My Exhibition Magazine

Ordered my 124 page exhibition magazine, cost a whopping $50, $28 for the magazine, $20 for shipping. I paid and extra $5 for express shipping so it would arrive by May 15, before the opening of "Trumpet", the rest of the cost is for taxes.

I hope this thing is worth it, hope it is not too dark or too contrasty. The magazine looked OK on my PC laptop, hope it looks OK in magazine form, or I just tossed $50 in the garbage. I figured it was worth the chance, many people will visit these shows, some important art folk types. Maybe if they see some of the scope of the work  these exhibitions will lead to others. The magazine is divided into 4 sections, 4 different photography projects.

-Families of the Dump
-Klong Toey Slum
-Sex Worker
-My Fathers Last Days

I will also use some of the magazine layouts to make up an application for the Burtynsky book publishing grant ($5000). A very very long shot at best, but it does not hurt to try for these things. More on that later.

Layout for the front and back covers of the exhibition magazine