Monday, May 15, 2017

"What Then Must We Do?"

The Linda Hunt charactor Billy Kwan in the movie "The Year Of Living Dangerously" was one of the main reasons I became a social documentary photographer. Billy asks the questions "What then must we do?" in this highly inspirational scene. Billy is right, we do what we can do, for each individual person. We should try to help the misery right in front of us and not worry to much about the larger uncontrollable picture. We should simply help those that we can help, "Add my light to the sum of light.". I can not change international relations or influence corrupt politicians but I can help pay for a young childs education or provide rice and work boots for a family in the dump."What then must I do?" Help the families!

"He who saves a single life saves the world entire." Jewish Talmud

Thank you Billy Kwan (Linda Hunt) and director Peter Weir for helping me to find my calling.
WHAT THEN MUST WE DO? scene from "The Year of Living Dangerously"