Monday, May 15, 2017

The Importance Of Learning To Work With Glass

Tonight at work I plan on doing some work on the five pieces of glass I bought last week. I will sand down the edges do they are not sharp. I bought a stone in Thailand for that purpose way back in 2012 tonight I get to finally use it! I will need to become very good at glass work. Cutting it to size, sanding the edges, cleaning it, storing it and framing it. Glass will be an integral part of the ambrotype project "Oh! Canada!". I checked with city glass, if I buy a 4x8 foot of 3mm glass to cut down it will cost roughly $150-$180 CAD a sheet, a 4mm sheet closer to $250 CAD. I might be able to work out some kind of discount off that price if I buy 5 or 6 sheets at a time.

One problem I am sure to face in the future is breakage. Broken plates have affected photographers of ambrotypes and glass negs for 150 years. I need to figure out a way to transport my glass safely before and after I shoot it. I will no doubt be traveling many a bumpy gravel dirt road, will be hitting all kinds of pot holes while journeying around the country. How to keep the glass from breaking?

Handling 35x35 inch pieces of glass should be something else. Imagine how wonderful a 35 square inch ambrotype would be. It would be AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. I am entering new worlds here, new freakng worlds!