Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Will Do A Talk To A Photography Group

I got offered the opportunity to give a presentation a artist talk a local photo group in my city called photobugs. The group is made up of amateur photobugs who love photography and making pictures together as a group. In past years I have invited their membership to several of my photography exhibits. I did that again recently when I invited them to "Trumpet" and "Healing Process". Tonight I was asked by one of the heads of the group to do a talk this winter at a boardroom somewhere for the group.

This is a non paying gig (shutterbug is non profit) so I would not be able to earn donation and or film money but I think it would serve 3 important functions. One it would allow me to tell the stories of the people in my photographs, that is one of my main motivations as a social documentary photographer. Two it would allow me to continue to grow as a artist and creative person. Talks like this will help me become better at what I do. Just like writing this blog does, jumping into the world of art speeches, talks, exhibitions allows for the artist to grow. Three it might inspire people in the photobug community, inspire them to make more photos, or inspire them help those in need (like in the Mae Sot dump),

I will have to make up a quality PowerPoint presentation which I still do not have. Larry and his wife Joanna I hope can help me a bit with that. I can also learn from people at work and online. I think it is about time I did up a high end PowerPoint "The Photographs of Gerry Yaum" presentation. In the future if I do talks for NAIT (as my friend Larry does) or for other photo groups or even at galleries like AGA, I will need a top end PowerPoint presentation to show the work. You can not hand out prints to a room of 50 or 100 people. I also need to get more experience at speaking in front of large groups of folks. This talk will be part of that learning curve, it should be a very positive step forward.

Plus it will be fun : )!!