Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Big Gamble Begins!

I just took my first significant step in my 35x35 inch view camera gamble. I made a down payment of $2500 CAD to Filip in the Czech Republic today. I am jumping in head first here. Am going all out and not looking back! The build should take 9 weeks, a max of 12 weeks. The shipping around 10 days. It should all arrive and be safely packed away before I leave for Thailand.

Here is the build schedule sent to me by Filip yesterday.

The HF3535 camera, schedule of built:
week 0 it is time of payment receive. 

week 0+1 finishing and ordering metal parts
week 0+3 I will get cut metal parts
week 0+4 cleaning, screw threads etc, assembling the metal parts to try on.
week 0+5 nickel - plating surface

wooden work:
week 0+6 cut & assembling back of the camera and base
week 0+7 cut & assembling front with front's and back's legs
week 0+8 finishing surface of all wooden parts, 
week 0+9 cut & assembling plate holder, lens board 

I am not worried about Filip delivering a great camera to me. Am pretty sure that is going to happen. What I am worried about is using this world class tool (largest camera in Canada?) to produce 35x35 inch ambrotype wet plate work way up near the Arctic Ocean :). Entering a new world here, a world I know very little of.

Am taking a huge chance on this, my experience in wet plate is very limited, I have never shot a camera over 14x17 (did that 2 times). I have never been North of Athabasca in my home province of Alberta. There are a HUGE NUMBER OF UNKNOWNS here, hence the gamble thingy.

I was once told by a beautiful person that sometimes in life you have to take a gamble, take a chance and see where that leads. I will have to believe in my own drive and passion for photography, I have to have faith in that going forward. It will lead me down the right path with this amazing camera. Remember every important journey starts with that first small step. I am doing that now, step 1 complete!