Friday, May 26, 2017

Rich Canadians, Too Selfish And Cheap To Help Children Living In Garbage?

Looks like I am only going to get 2 donaters out of 50 or so email attempts. Nor sure why Canadians living a life of luxury and leisure cannot spare $5 or an old hat to help those in need. Why would they not want to help babies, children, old folks who live in garbage? Why wouldn't you want to help improve those lives? Too selfish? Too cheap? Complete indifference? It is beyond me. We each have to live with the choices we make in life. We each need to follow our own hearts or lack of heart.

Nuff said on that ugly thought.

Thanks to the 2 who came forward, and offered to donate some money, you both showed compassion and humanity for those in need.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If I am short of the $1000 dollar donation number I set for this trip, I will throw more of my guard salary into the cause. Right now I am at $550-$600 in money (from my artist exhibition and artist talk earnings) along with some donations of hats and toys promised. I also have the 2 who came forward to donate after my email call, not sure how much they will give.

If I have to add another $400 of my own dollars, so be it. Maybe I can sell some of my photo gear on eBay to pay for it. Too bad they do not buy blood in Canada, would do that if I could. There would be something very human and excitingly valuable and  real in giving your own blood to buy food for those in need, to help send children to school. Wish I could do that :). Will have to settle with giving my security guard wages and artist fee dollars, not as personal, but still a an important and proper way to use those funds.

Giving is so beautiful. When you help those in need it is not only beneficial to them, it helps the giver as much, maybe more. In a way I am selfishly giving to them to help myself. Doing this work allows me to become a better version of myself, a more rounded and good human being. I am often a crude/rude/arrogant/self centered bastard. I am selfishly in pursuit of becoming the best person I can be, and the people in the dump are helping me to chase down that goal.

New dump family 2013
Child crying in the garbage with found doll 2013