Friday, May 19, 2017

Tonights Final "TRUMPET" Exhibition Print

I flattened all my dried prints today just before coming to work (in the morning they were still a bit wet). Here is the 3rd of 5 prints that will be exhibited in its glass front white metal frame. The frame measures 26x30 the photo is on 20x24 paper. It is printed on my favourite photographic paper, Ilfords warmtone fiber.

I did the spotting, matting and framing tonight at work tonight and will try to complete the last 2 "TRUMPET" show prints over my next 2 security nightshifts. It would be great if I could have everything finished by Sunday, then I would use next weeks off time to start printing the last 2 photos for the "Healing Process" AGSA exhibition in August.

"Working the Garbage" the 3rd 20x24 print for the "Trumpet" Exhibition
 Note* This is a replacement working photo for the non sharp image I intially mistakedly submitted.