Monday, May 15, 2017

Another Exhibition Print Done! The Last "Trumpet" Photogragh?

Tonight I reprinted a photograph that has been exhibited before, the group shot of people working the dump garbage. This time I made a larger print on 20x24 Ilford war tone fibre paper, up from 16x20. I used the old print as a reference to this new one, it helped the process. I now have 3-20x24 versions to choose from, made 5 total (2 with errors). I will leave the neg in the enlarger until I am sure I got it after the drying.

Am back at work tonight. I had a good off week of printing. I ended up completed the first process steps on 4 different negatives. I will move onto the secondary process in the coming days after my 12 hour security night shifts.

One strange thing about this weeks printing the 35mm Neva were so much easier and gunner to work with. I love the look of grain and contrast you get when you make a 35mm negative into a 20x24 inch print. Bleaching also looks and works do much better.

2nd attempt at the "Garbage Workers" Thailand 2013
Note* When I paid to get my 20x24 tray print washer (photo above) made (based on a Zone VI design) I was told by a person that made it and thought he was an expert that I did not need to have a deep tray and did not need the Kodak siphon sprayer (see picture) attached as a bonus way to circulate water. How wrong that wrong that person was. I am very glad I did not follow his advice, I would now have paid for a washer that did not wash my prints adequately. Sometimes it is best to stand up to the arrogant, know it all types and do what you think is right! His knowledge of photography and photographic technique was limited yet he got quite angry when I went my way on the tray size instead of his.

This same photog told me once that photography was a "SIDE EFFECT" for him. Possibly  a way to rationalize his limited success as an artist and his general lack of excitement and creativity. If you claim something is not that important to you, then when you fail at it, it seems like less of a big deal (just a hobby after all!). Best to not take advice from the side effect photographers/artists and instead rely on your own judgement. Passion and hard work always wins in the end, trust your own instincts folks. If you think your right, do it your way, it is probably the best way to go!