Sunday, May 7, 2017

This Weeks Final Exhibition Print

Here is the last photo I will be framing this work week. It will be part of the "Healing Process" exhibition at the Art Gallery of St. Albert (AGSA) in August. This picture "My Father Has Died" is one of the last I took of my dad. It was made moments after he passed. I was with my father alone in the room making his picture with a 5x7 camera when he died. At first I thought he was sleeping but then realized he had passed away. This photo was made with a 35mm Leica M6 at about the time he had left us. When I kissed him after making this last set of pictures his face was cold but his chest and stomach still very warm. Dad might have died while I was photographing, part of his essence (soul?), might be spiritually part of those last negs. At least thats the way I like to think of it. When I print this neg, I think of him being inside it, I think of him being  connected to it in more than just a physical-visual way.

"My Father Has Died" from "My Father's Last Days", for  the "Healing Process" exhibition, photographed Feb 22, 2015 Canada