Friday, May 26, 2017

Fun Times At AGA Biennial 2017 Opening Night

Had a fun FREE for members night at the Art Gallery of Alberta opening night for the Biennial 2017. This is the first of these events that I have attended, and it was a blast. I met all kinds of cool folk, handed out 5 of my exhibition promotion sheets (for "Trumpet and "Healing Process") and had a I generally good time. I was able to visit the galleries again for the 8th time, thou I did not see the Biennial stuff as there was to long a line up to get into the space. I will view it at a later date, not my cup of tea I think. I even met the head boss of bosses of the  AGA gallery  a very friendly person (we talked food). I gave her and invite to the two shows hope she attends one or both shows.

These types are highly recommended!! Will go back again in the future. You should try one if you can.

Note* I ended up talking to and learning some tips from a documentary film maker at the event. He gave me a wonderful recommendation on how to protect my BMPCC's from humility condensation problems in Asia (plastic bags).