Friday, May 12, 2017

Got My Japanese Women Group Ambrotype, It Is Stunningly Beautiful

I got the Japanese women group ambrotype today, it is tiny and stunningly beautiful. This piece is like a precious memory stone from a distant pass. Who were these women, what were their stories? What is the history of this little beautiful ambrotype in its sweet little box? This is the type of work I want to do on my wet plate project, possibly. I should be able to do group portraits of this nature in 4x5, 8x10, 11x14 and even 16x20 sizes. I doubt I will have enough light to do it 35x35 but I will try it and see.

This work is the best of my ambrotypes and highly inspiring to me. I plan to take it on the road with me when I shoot the wet plate project Oh! Canada!

Another thing I like about the Japanese versions of ambrotypes is the cute little light wooden (balsum?) boxes they come in. They seem more personal some how. A box with writing on it in felt and a magical ambrotype inside. I want to do larger versions of these things later on, little island like beautiful warm tone ambrotypes in boxes.

Here is my little gem:

Japanese family group ambrotype (1870-1900?)