Friday, May 5, 2017

Video Links: Master Platinum Printers

Check out these 2 wonderful platinum/palladium artists (YouTube video). I want to do work like this in the future, not their subject matter but their level of technical excellency making PP prints. My platinum prints will be documentary in nature. I want to go back through all my old negatives then make digital negs for contacting printing using this process. I will also be producing new work that will go platinum in the coming years including during the next 6 month trip to Thailand and the on coming "Oh! Canada!" project.

You got to love platinum prints, they are incredibly beautiful and will last 1000 years. Imagine that!!, there is the possibility one of the prints I make in my little darkroom lasting 1000 years!! (if collected, protected and saved properly).

Here are the two wonderful artists, doing their thing:
Beth Moon
Bruce Katsiff

Update* I plan to buy a pro level UV light source for exposing prints up to 20x24 on my return to Canada. In the past some folks I know have opted for the cheap home made variety printing device. I have always been a advocate for "you get what you pay for", cheap and homemade might work, it might not. With a a pro level machine it will cost more at the beginning but most likely will produce higher quality and more importantly reliable quality work. It will work when I need it to work, and it will the same each and every time. If you notice both artists in the above links have pro UV units.