Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tired After Secondary Printing

Did a bunch of secondary printing this morning after last nights 12 hour security nightshift and before tonights long shift. As a result of that effort, I did not get enough sleep and feel rather crappy as I type this. Pushing msyelf today was a necessary step to get the prints finished by work weeks end. The phtoographs are drying now in my darkroom, tomorrow morning or afternoon I will flatten the prints in my dry mount press before bringing them to work to spot, mat and frame (glass frames). If I have all the pictures printed propersly (still not sure of that), I should have the "Trumpet" exhibitons 5 photos ready to exhibit by Monday morning. That would put me about 6 days ahead of schedule. If I do not have all the prints to my liking, I still have 6 days to fix things up and get them right.