Monday, May 1, 2017

Can't Find 2 Negs

Spent several hours over the last few days looking for my 2-35mm negs from 2013 in the dump. Cannot find them! I am so disorganized when it comes to finding negs, it is always a struggle. I need to figure out a better system, need to have an area- room devoted only to my negatives.

I wanted  to print these 2 to 20x24 for the exhibition but might have to settle for the 16x20 prints I already have printed. I might try printing some other negs I like and do have to 20x24. Not sure the "TRUMPET" folks will accept alternatives but it will give them options. They can take 5 at 20x24 (3 from the submission and 2 of my choices) or 3 at 20x24 and 2 at 16x20 (the photos in the submission).

Am running out of time to get printing this done, 28 days and counting!