Friday, May 5, 2017

"Healing Process" Artist Talk A Go!

The artist talk for "Healing Process" seems to be a go, it is tentatively scheduled for August 31 at 6 or 630pm. The date might be moved up to mid month sometime, so stay tuned. I guess the "CROWDS" are better for these things at night, so they want to do a night time start time of 6-630pm. Wonder how big a CROWD will attend! Is 5 people a crowd? Or does it take 15 to make a crowd? The other "Healing Process"artists are from out of town so I might be the only one speaking, not sure on that part of it just yet.

Am looking forward to this, a few butterflies but 'THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT! I have grown to look forward to my talks, revel in them. :). I get to tell dad and my story, what is better than that! Wish my beautiful father could attend, maybe he is watching and knows what is going on somehow from somewhere. Miss you so much dad.

Update* I think I need to mention that thought in the talk. How the actual talk for me is PART OF THE HEALING PROCESS. I get to tell my fathers story again and again because of the photographs we made together, that shared moment in our father son relationship.