Friday, December 15, 2017

Japan Trip Ending

Am behind in my blog writing will try to catch up in the coming days. Here a post from Facebook, with recent events and thoughts.

My 2 week trip to Japan is almost over. I will miss this countries food, culture and people. Two days ago did all you can eat sushi for around $55 CAD a person and last night bought a $18 CAD watch. Hopefully it will last me the remaining 4 months of my trip, want to use it in Thai. 
Japan is a wonderful and unique place in the world. Made photos for the KAROSHI-STREET PHOTOGRAPHY project every day, maybe something of substance there, will see. Would love to exhibit the photographs in Japan some day, either this Japanese stuff or one of my other series. People here love their photographic art, lots of galleries show photos.
After Japan will return to Bangkok for a week before going to Hanoi for Christmas and New Years. Then my time with the families and the dump continues. I will have eaten all these wonderful foods, experienced many diverse cultures and events but the people in the dump will only have known and experienced a life of poverty and garbage. No matter how hard they work life will stay about the same for them. Such is the inequality of our world, children working in filth meanwhile fat ass Gerry is travelling the world and eating all you can eat Beef and Sushi. Money and the prviledge of birth, where you were born and to whom, rule our world.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Editing Pictures OnLCD screen Difficult

TV HDMI setup?

Everything Here Is Done FAST!!

Quote: Dalai Lama

Don’t try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist; use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are."

Shooting My Butt Off!

Gosh am walking for hours every night and shooting people on the streets like crazy. Am doing portraits up close and personal in a run and gun aggressive guerrilla style. Because of the varying light I face I am mostly shooting at 3 ASAs, 5000, 10000 And 20000. These very high ASAs give me the shutter speeds I need to freeze action. People her bolt thru the streets. I am pushing the capabilities of my Canon 5D Mark 3 to the max! Am using shutter priority mode, auto focus, high ASA, and sometimes machine gun like motor drive work!

Anyway, each day is an adventure. After several days of shooting I am becoming better in my technique and more confident-aggressive in my shooting.

Am very happy I will have a secondary photo project to work on (digitally) and submit on my return to Canada. I plan on submitting KAROSHI and the Japanese street photo work to both Canadian and Japanese galleries. If I can show work her, it means another trip to Japan. If I take another trip here it will give me the opportunity to make more pics and eat more food! :)

Note* At 20000 ASA there will be heavy pixels seen but such is life, need to work with it in post.
Note** I need to shoot much more still film (Tri-x)when I return to Thai. It looks like the filmmaking part of the trip will be a failure.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My New Friend Photographer Shinsuke Yoshida

Met a new friend today at Kyoto’s Museum Of Photography. His name is Shinsuke Yoshida a talented landscape photographer. He makes wonderfully minimalist and very beautiful landscapes. His work reminds me of Japanese Haiku poetry, simple looking pieces that have broader important complex story to tell.

Shinsuke Yoshida photographer, here are some samples from the Kyoto exhibition and a link to his webpage. (Note* Will add the photos when I have access to my laptop).

Hello Shitty

You know merchandizing of the  “Hello Kitty” name has gone a bit TOO FAR when you start marketting “Hello Kitty” toilet bowl accessories. Here is a photo of Kitty and a Japanese spray-heated toilet seat, working together. Cost on sale was aroun $600 Canadian.

Kimono’s Everwhere

Not sure why but I saw lots of Kimono’s being worn in Kyoto, much more than in Tokyo. Even the tourists join in the fun. Many Chinese visitors pay to play dress up, and walk the streets, both men and women. Always felt kimono’s were especially beautiful, a woman seems so feminine when she wears them. It must be quite difficult to move in one, one normal step in pants is like 6 steps in kimono.

Like A Salmon Swimming Up Stream Against The Current

Leica Store And Gallery Kyoto

Kyoto Museum Of Photography

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Japan The Land Of Little Old Ladies

Photographing In Kyoto Japan

Bought another 128GB compact flash card and spent an hour photographing salarymen moving through the train areas in Kyoto. I would wind my way back and forth in the public walk areas while taking no look photos with motor drive and auto focuse, did the escalators several times as well.

I was hoping to not attract the attention of security or the train staff. They are on the lookout for suspicious activity and big white dude winding his way back and forth through the surging crowds while swinging a camera about. I no doubt was on some security persons radar but was able to shoot and leave without incident.

I was forced to shoot at 20000 ASA to freeze action in the poorly lit Kyoto train walk ways. I was shooting at 1/1000 and F 4 to freeze the fast moving, sometimes running salarymen.

Note* I prefer the wild off angle compositions and lower angle views the random machine gun type shooting I am doing now accomplishes. 

Now In Kyoto Jaoan

From Facebook...

After a fun day in Hiroshima am now on the bullet train bound for Kyoto. Todays Hiroshima highlights included visiting Itsukushima Island-Shrine, hanging with some deer, eating a feast of oysters (18 for$35 CAD). Every oyster dish had a different flavour. Also made a bunch of pics for the “Karoshi” photo project. Will stay all night and all day tomorrow in Kyoto before returning to Tokyo late tomorrow night. Bangkok is not to far off and then some time in Hanoi, Vietnam before traveling back to the dump for an extended period of work.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Harsh, Contrasty Black And White For “Karoshi”. Photos?

Photo Idea: Cropped Series Of “Karoshi” Heads!

Just had an idea to use my existing Japanese “Karoshi” photos to do a series of blurry, grainy (pixels) heads. I am not unusually a cropper, but this idea might be very effective. Maybe I could do both the full shot and a closeup cropped head for exhibition.

Sneaky Photo Making.

Pushing the technical abilities of my Canon digital 5D Mark 3.

3 Events

- Drunk man falls into bikes.
Last night as I was coming home a group (2 men, 2 women) of drunk Japanese came out on the street in front of me. One man put another onto his bicycle then the bike mounted men proceeded to fall over and knock over a number of other standing bikes beside him. I went over to help the man and lifted the bike off him. His wife came over laughing and apolozing several times, taking the bike from my hand. Later I got a photos of this man laughing when we met again at a nearby store.

- Flirty girl wants her picture taken.
Tonight I ended up sitting next to a flirty young woman (22?) at a beef barbecue restaurant. At first her bf (?) was sitting next to me then the next thing I know the woman is there, they had changed  seats. I looked over, saw the changed and was surprised, and at that moment the flirty girl looked at me and smiled, then bowed her head in hello. Boeing happens all the time here every where. What was strange about this interaction was the DIRECT eye contact. People rarely look at you eye to eye here. It seems to almost never happen. This girl thou was not shy, she looked you straight in the eye and smiled. Later on she looked at me again and pointed at my camera, she wanted me to take her picture, so I did. Not sure what her bf thought of all that stuff. She struck me as a girl who flirts with men, controls them with her sexuality, she was very loud and aggressive, hands all over the man she was with. It was the second stare down I had with a beautiful girl today. Not sure what that stuff was all was about, for a 53 year old geezer Like myself it felt good.

- Bonzai, Bonzai, Bonzai!!
As I was leaving the restaurant front door there was a group of older salarymen on the street. I wanted do some sneak photo shots so was trying to manoeuvre through them. Just as I got to one side, one of the men suddenly did a deep bow and the other 10 or so  men suddenly raises there arms and started chanting “Bonzai!” I think they chanted it 3 times, I quickly raised my cameras to take pictures. The men were in a great mood, they had all been drinking and were rather drink. When they saw me taking photos they cheered me on, laughed and pointed. Afterwards when they started  to walk away one man turned back to look at me with a huge smile on his face, he gave me a big thumbs up with his right hand-thumb and laughed when I returned the gesture.

I think it was a retirement ceremony, celebration. The man who bowed was the oldest and dressed in white-light grey, everyone else in black-dark colours. I got some photos of the BONZAI moment.

In Hiroshima Japan

From Facebook....

Arrived In Hiroshima, it is hard to believe what happened here.The evil man is capable of is to difficult to understand. What the Japanese did during the war and then what the Americans did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so, much suffering and death. WHY?
All day long I kept wondering about that day 72 years ago. I have read that after the detonation, peoples skin had received 3rd degree burns and was hanging off. They then went down to the river to wash, desperate for cold water. Today I was at that river. The bomb went off about 2000 feet above the famous Atomic Memorial, I was standing there today as well. I made a series of pictures in digital and black and white. I hope to produce a work that communicates what I felt being there. The image needs to be heartfelt and respectful to what happened here.
Note* The FAT wild cats in the area are fed by a local man.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Jammed Into The Train Cars

Today during the morning rush hour I watched  people being literally jammed into trains, doors being pulled shut by 2 white gloved train workers as people fought to fit inside. Their faces were mashed up against train car windows. People (workers) were eager to get on and frantically pushed themselves in, not wanting to be late to their jobs no matter the cost.

Hard to put what I saw into words, it was remarkable in both good and bad ways. Good because of the heart and commitment of the Japanese, bad because of the pressures to fit in and preform as expected and required.

Walking While Sleeping

Today before coming to Hiroshima on 2 bullet trains (5 hours) I spent some time in Toyota’s Sinagawa train station. It was early in the morning, everyone was rushing to work. I have never seen anything quite like it before. Thousands of people everywhere, 19s of thousands, all stampeding, some even running in every direction at the same time. Sheer all out craziness. How can people deal with this, live with this, everyday of their lives?

Most people looked tired, some even seemed to be sleeping and walking at the same time. How the hell do you do tha? It was like the walking dead, zombie like, all so incredible.

On Speeding Bullet Train To Hiroshima

From Facebook...

On another bullet train today, this time to Hiroshima. Will visit the memorial to the atomic bomb victims later today. So many people died, women, children, the elderly (non combatants This is from a history channel article:
On August 6th in 1945, at 8:16 a.m. Japanese time, an American B-29 bomber, the Enola Gay, droped the world’s first atom bomb, over the city of Hiroshima. Approximately 80,000 people are killed as a direct result of the blast, and another 35,000 are injured. At least another 60,000 would be dead by the end of the year from the effects of the fallout.
Watched people being crammed into a train today n Tokyo, rather incredible, never seen anything like it before. Saw Japanese folk so tired they looked like they were sleeping while walking, zombie like, a sad reality of life here. With the limited time I have in Japan am making some good photos I think. Might do another longer trip here in the next few years and continue the work.
Hopefully can exhibit this Japanese KAROSHI series and then donate the artist fees to the families of the dump in Mae Sot or to Pra Ton’ s animal charity.

Very Well Dressed

Most Japanese people are very well dressed, especially younger people. Foreigners and tourists often look like slobs next to them. The latest styles and brands are everywhere, girls on the trains with $12000 CAD bags etc. All a bit superficial but none the less impressive, people have money to spend here and they spend it on clothes.

W. Eugene Smith Exhibiton At The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Cards Filling Up Fast

My off the cuffmachine gun style shooting is filling up all my compact flash cards FAST!! 

People Laughing Having Fun

Fish Dead

On calling home today I find out my fish had died. Had sad feelings all day about it. If I had stayed home in Canada they would no doubt still be alive. I tried my best to keep them strong and healthy while I was away. changed the filter, automatic fish feeders etc. but less than 2 months after I left Canada they are dead. I had a huge iridescent shark in the tank that was at least 15 years old, FUCK, feel terrible that I let him down. That was one tough fish, now gone forever, will miss watching him when I am back home.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Gerry Yaum Goes Vidmoon

Tonight I found this video search site with all my Vimeo vids on it. Check them out here:
Gerry Yaum On Vidmoon

Shot My Film Camera

This trip to Asia has been very different in regards to how much film I have shot compared to digital files. In past years I shot all from and almost no digital stuff, this trip I have shot a ton of digital work. Going more digital seems very strange but the “Karoshi” project demands very high ASAs, to get the fast shutter speeds and small f-stops required in sometimes very low light shooting environments.

Today thou because of the charger issue I was forced to go film I ended up shooting 8 rolls of Tri-x with the Leica 21mm and 35mm lens. A nice days shooting, everything was done at 800ASA. I will process it back home in Rodinal using 2 hour STAND development.

Got My Charger, Great Darkroom-Film Store

Got my Canon charger today at a wonderful camera-darkroom-film shop, YODOBASHI CAMERA. It was very expensive at $64 CAD but well worth it for a few extra days shooting my “Kobashi” photo project. This buy could lead to 10 good photos, 1 or 2 important.

The camera stores film, darkroom section was awesome!! It made me dream of the printing I could do with all the papers and chemistry available. There was also a ton of film available, Ilford HP5 8x10 25 sheets cost around $155 USD. God I wish a store like this was available to me in Edmonton.

Note* I also was able to get my hotel in Sapporo to send my lost charger to Tokyo for 1399 Yen. That charger will not arrive until Monday at the earliest. Today’s buy should give me another 2 or 3 days of shooting.

Van Gogh Exhibition

Saw a very nice exhibition of Van Gogh and his connection to Japan. The 3 works that stood out for me were a crazy wild ravine running water scene (foreshadowing Vincent’s madness and suicide?), and small works of a sower in a field and 2 lovers from behind (was the man VanGogh? At least an imagined life).
Van Gogh & Japan

Friday, December 8, 2017

Possible Japanese Photo Project KAROSHI?

Found a possible title for my Japanese photo proct instead of STREET PEOPLE. It would be KAROSHI which is the Japanese word for overwork leading to death.


From the article:

A recent government study found that one in five workers are at risk of working themselves to death. It's such a big problem that Japan even has its own word for it: karoshi (death by overwork).

Tum Boon!!

Hopefully I can exhibit this Japanese based work and make some artist fees to help the families in the dump and to also help feed Pra Ton’s 200 dogs. Who knows I might even sell some prints! I could then donate that money to help others as well! Tum-boon as Thais say, which means “make merit”!

Art becomes that much greater when it is done for the greater good of all life forces. Helping people, animals, the planet! What is better than that? Even if you only help a tiny bit it all matters, everything you do to help others is good, big or small. The world would be a much better place if there was less ME and more US happening.

Spoke To An American In Train Line

Spoke to an American in a train lineup last night, it was a very interesting talk. Here is what he told me about Japanese workers, the trains and culture. (More to follow when I have time).

- In Japan you cannot get fired from your job.
- 14 plus hour work days are normal.
- A student of his just came off a 24 hour work day.
- Dying from overwork happens here.
- If you do not follow the rules of the salaryman culture your pushed aside, into the corner, forgotten and not promoted.
-Taking a sick day when you need a day off work is very common.
- Holidays are rarely taken.
- The rush hours to photograph people in the subways, 6-8 in the morning 5-6 at night and 9-10pm when people come home after working overtime.
- When the train cars are really packed full, you do not have to stand the crowd of people in the car will hold you in place. You can simply let yourself go limp and the press of people will keep you upright.
- Many children have a poor or almost no relationship with their fathers because he is so rarely home.

Tokyo Train Station, A Rush Of Humanity!!

I made some photos in Tokyo train station on my return from home from Sapporo Japan. What an amazing place filled with a rush of running, quick walking, near exhausted humanity. I had been there before, back in 1999 but had forgotten about how over powering it all was. I hope I can get a battery charger for my Canon so that I can continue to tell this important story. I admire many parts of Japanese culture but am not sure I understand the 14+ hour work days, working often often until you die of exhaution depression suicides etc. There is so much to love about Japan, it’s people, it’s food, it’s culture but also many things I question and do not understand.

I wish I had more time here.!

Photos For “Street People” Going Well

The photos for the STREET PEOPLE (Japan) is going well. Even last night as my battery died I was able to get 4 or 5 photos I liked. I have no experience photoshopping and printing digital work (am only a film-darkroom guy) so am not sure what the final product will look like but the images on the LCD look strongish. Hopefully I can create 25 pieces for an exhibition. I just need to get my Canon digital camera up and running soon before my time in Japan expires, I have less than 8 days left.

Not sure if I will print this work in color or black and white. Black and white might fit the cooler, isolated,sad even desperate theme of the work. Maybe I could even print them in a bluish be look or in bluish tinted-highlighted colour. That might dive added emotional resonance to the photographs.

As always I am very contented and happy when I am creating. I feel at peace with myself here in Japan. Will show you all some of the work later on when I return to Thai and have a computer again.

No Luck On Buying Charger

Had no luck at buying a charger for my Canon camera. I went to one of the largest camera chains in all of Tokyo “Bic Camera” and they were out of stock with a one month waiting period. Can you imagine not being able to buy a CANON camera charger in fricking Tokyo!

Update* The hotel in Sapporo (Cross Hotel) is sending me the charger on Monday, they cannot send the battery out of safety concerns. I will also go to a second major camera store chain in search of the charger her in Tokyo today. Everyone here in Japan has been extremely kind and helpful with my problem. In many ways the Japanese people are quite wonderful.

Link: What My HF3535 Will Look Like


Here is what my HF3535 (35x35 inches) camera will look like. Filip is working on 2, mine and a fellows in Korea (the camera pictured goes to Korea). I will get my HF3535 sent to me on my return to Canada from Asia in late April 2018.

re is w.hat my HF3535 (35x35 inches) camera will look like. Filip is working on 2, mine and a fellows in Korea (the camera pictured goes to Korea). I will get my HF3535 sent to me on my return to Canada from Asia in late April 2018.

Going Fully Auto!!

While shooting the Canon 5D Mark 3 I have gone all in on the befits of this fully automated camera versus my fully Manual Leicas. I am using the motor drive, the auto focus and it’s automatatic exposure controls to do the JAPANESE STREET PEOPLE SERIES. The pictures I am making would be pretty well impossible any other way.

Note* Pulled a real boner, forgot my Canon cameras battery charger and one battery at my hotel in Sapporo. I will have to go to Bic Camera inTokyo to buy replacements when I arrive there in about 4 hours. Hopefully replacing the items does not cost too much.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bought A 128GB Compact Flash Card

My “Compact Flash” cards are filling up fast so I deciced to invest some money and bought a huge 128GB card. Will use it for my JAPANESE STREET PEOPLE photo project. Hopefully this card will be enough to hold all the photos I make. The cost of the COMPACT FLASH CARD was over 25000 Yen, $284 + CAD..........OUCH!!

Link: People Can Do Beautiful Things

This will restore your faith in the goodness of your fellow human beings.
Man Saves Baby Rabbit From California Wild Fire

A Very Japanese Moment

So there I was outside a mall market after buying some, crab, sushi and sashimi. When an old man approached using a cane, he was carrying two large plastic bags. As I tried to make some pictures he marched by me and placed his bags on the mall floor in a corner outside the market and went inside the store to buy his fish and groceries. The very assertive way he did it all made me think he had done this same thing many times before.

Imagine that, going into a store to shop for 30 minutes plus and leave your bagged goods stuff outside in a corner outside with no worries of theft. It wwa a very Japanese moment.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Photo Project Idea: Japan Steet People

I have been trying to figure out secondary photo projects to shoot in Asia, think I got one. I have been shooting random street shots of Japanese people on the streets and in the subways, trains, tunnels etc. I shoot at the fastest ASAs to achieve the fastest shutter speeds and smallest apertures I can. Usually 10000 indoors and 2000-5000 outdoors. I might call this series of pictures “Street People”. The theme will be the loneliness and isolation of city life and emotionally controlled culture of being Japanese (it is sort of Vulcan like here). Focusing on the lives of people is always more important to me, this project will speak to my feelings on Japan, the people of Japan and living here.

From Facebook.......
More food photos. Went to the big fish market here. Had snow crab soup for 350 Yen, $4.20 CAD along with fried rice and crab. The salmon was hanging outside of the fish, crab shop where we ate at a tiny restaurant. I guess in Japan Salmon is considered a rather low end fish, often grilled for breakfast. Am doing all you can eat beef for supper tonight.
Also thought of and started a new photo project titled “Steet People” which will be a series of photos documenting the lives of Japanese people in the streets-trains-tunnels here (ant like caverns below the streets). Making weird wild compositions in the photos that help express the loneliness and isolation of living in huge cities. Tokyo I believe is the worlds largest city at a jaw dropping 36 million. Japanese culture also has a certain amount repressing of emotion that I hope to communicate.

Dangerous Very Slippery Street And Siewalks

For a country built around rules and safety Sapporo Hokkaido has amazingly icy, slippery streets and sidewalks. I watched a man take a hard tumble today. I have come close to falling 3 times. Sand and salt people!! Put. It on the roads and sidewalks. Cars and buses fly down the icy roads here, sometimes running red lights because they are going to fast to stop. Not sure how there are not more accidents. People do not seem to worry about the dangers of the ice, more of a running gag with them than a safety concern.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Quote: Basil Rathbone (Actor)

(From a private letter written when he was serving in World War I)

“Out here, we step over death every day. We stand next to it while we drink our tea. It's commonplace and ordinary. People who had lives and tried to hold on to them and didn't, and now slump and stare and melt slowly to nothing. You meet their eyes, or what used to be their eyes and you feel ashamed. And now Johnny is one of them. That's an end of it. Grieving is only ridiculous in this place. It could be me today or tomorrow and I shouldn't want anyone to bother grieving over that.”

Today’s Foods

From Facebook:

Here is today’s food. Delicious grilled eel 3990 Yen or $48 CAD, along with rice, a soup and pickled vegetables. You ate the eel 3 different ways. My favourite was with added green onions and seaweed with wasabi. Also had an appetizer of egg rolls with eel On the side.
The sushi was bought at a 20% end of the day discount in a shop near the trains for 1400 Yen about $16.90 CAD. The sushi choices included steamed eel, tuna, salmon, shrimp, egg, squid, fish egg, sea urchin and a few types I was unsure of. 

Man Apologizes To Me

While photographing people on the street near my room in Tokyo an older man (70?)apologized to me. I saw him coming on his bicycle towards me so I timed my shot so that he would be entering frame left as I made my picture. He thought he had ridden into my photograph by mistake, so he stopped his bike turned to me, smiled and apologized 2 times. At first I thought he was angry that I had made his photo but it was the exact opposite. You got to love Japanese people’s politeness, it is rather amazing at times.

Japanese Observations

There aremany unique things about Japan, here are a few I noticed.

- Few locked bikes. There is so much trust here, lack of. crime. You see dozens of bikes just sitting on  streets everywhere here without locks of any kind.

- Standing Restaurants. You see many more standing only restaurants here. It looks rather uncomfortable but you quite often see 3 or 4 people standing in front of a short round table eating, drinking and talking to fiends.

- No talking on your cellphone in the subway. They have a rule her of NOT speaking on your cellphone unless you are in a certain car.

- Young sexual woman with old man.
- Paper falls in gallery.
- Quiet!! Being quiet I. Japan is very very importance. There are signs everywhere about that. Quietness is polite, noise the opposite.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Photographed A Casual, Relaxed Fire In Tokyo’s Shibuya

Last night while walking through the Shibuya area of Tokyo near the world famous crosswalk I witnessed a fire Japan style. Made digital photos of the scene as crowds gathered and the fire fighters complete with 4 or 5 fire trucks and a large ladder fire truck fought the fire in SLOW MOTION. It was the most relaxed, tourist friendly fire in history. Also made pics of the TV press filming the scene.

The most surreal moment might have been when they evacuated the British Pub which was next to the burning restaurant and dozens of men piled into the street, some completely loaded carrying beer glasses in their hands. During the entire event the fire fighters-police were extremely patient and friendly to the large watching crowd. Everything was very interactive and flowing, almost like a weird dance, never seen anything quite like it before. Even as the fire fighters and police backed people off to create a safety zone and to allow more room for fire hoses etc. it was done with unique politeness, and even a softness of approach. This whole event was so Japanese. An American guy, his wife and I we’re doing a running commentary of how different a fire would be fought in America, Canada. Lots of laughter, definitely the funnest fire I ever attended.

Note* No one was hurt, did not actually see any flames, just lots of black smoke coming out of multiple floors of a barbecue style restaurant. Got some decent shots but am not sure how to get them from my compact flash card to this blog via iPad. Street photography in Japan is fun and easy.

Today’s Later First Day Tokyo Adventures

Having trouble posting pics on the blog from my iPad but not onto Facebook, her are reposts and Lin’s to those pages.

From Facebook:
With Hachikō outside Tokyo‘s Shibuya Train Station. Check
out the link which is about this famous dogs inspirational life of devotion and love.
Tonight had a great meal of sushi, ordered by tablet and delivered by mechanical train type gliding cart.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

In Tokyo Japan!

From Facebook:

Gerry Yaum added 3 new photos.
1 hr
Am in Tokyo after a very uncomfortable Air Asia 6 hour flight from Bangkok Thailand.
Here is a sign your in Japan, fancy dancy heated multi function toilets, along with itty bitty bath tubs! This is the bathroom of my home base in Tokyo. Was sorta afraid to use the toilet the first time, If I press the wrong Japanese labelled button would I start a count down and be launched into outer space while mounted on my throne??!
Will be traveling around Japan on a 2 week JR Train line pass. Will probably hit the Northern island of Hokkaido, along with Hiroshima and possibly Osaka.