Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2ND Donation! And Related Donation Thoughts

Got another positive monitory donation reply from a kind person in my current photo group, he wants to help!. Love the fact that others are joining in to help the families, love it love it love it. $5 or $500 every dollar helps, and provides for the families.

I got an email from work today that a lady I worked with for over 20 years and who got laid off last week had dropped off some hats for me to take to the dump and give to the families. You got to love that! Here this woman loses her job after 22 plus years and yet she has the compassion and goodness in her heart to worry about dropping off some hats for those less privileged.

Another woman I work with has offered to give me a box of toys for the dump children.

Also the first person who offered to help "Families of the Dump" has written me that instead of doing 1 bigger donation he and his wife are offering to do a regular contribution (not sure exactly what that means but it sounds VERY good).

Thank you D.T. and J.H. and G.B. and G&J.

People can awesome!