Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Back In The Darkroom Printing The "Healing Process" Exhiibition-Artist Talk Idea

After a month of so of work in the "Trumpet" show, the printing is all completed and the photographs are framed with glass, matted and ready to deliver to the gallery (do that Friday). Today I return to printing show number 2, "Healing Process" for the AGSA.

I will work on a 8x10 white background head shot I made of dad early after his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. I have this print in 16x20 but want to print a slightly harsher, more contrasty version to 20x24 for the exhibition. This will be my"Healing Process" lead in photograph, an introduction to my father before the disease took its full effect on him.

I will also use it as the opening photograph when I speak of his life and our shared lives together during the artist talk. I have a nice story about the making of this picture, which will help humanize dad and our relationship as father and son as well as our creative time together.

For my art talk I will need to get some kind of hand sized cards that I can use for my talking points during the session. I will write highlighted ideas on the card in felt pen, then when I when I speak I will use them as a reference. I need to make the talk as fluid as I can, filled with stories and some real honest emotion. I want the viewer to understand how dad felt about me, how we worked together on the photos, how important that process was to us (especially me) and also how much I love and miss dad now.