Friday, May 5, 2017

Latest Finished Show Print, "PAIN"

Here is the latest spotted-matted-framed print, the dad "PAIN" photograph for the "Healing Process" exhibition at the AGSA. I printed this image harsher than in previous exhibitions, I wanted to communicate the message more strongly. Wish I could show it to dad, I think he would like it. I will try printing this photograph in platinum/palladium in the coming years.

"PAIN" from "My Father's Last Days", for  the "Healing Process" exhibition, photographed Feb 2015 Canada
Update* It turns out all my white frames are not the same size, a cutting error was made by the person who cut my frames. I will have to make do and figure this out. Not sure how this happened. The picture above is in the slightly larger frame size. I kind of like the isolation of white it gives the photograph.

Another problem I am facing is the plats tick is now quite scratched up.; I wonder if I should switch to glass. I will talk to Jenny the curator of the AGSA about that when she does a studio visit June 20.