Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Blad To Thailand?

Tonight I am putting the 26x30 3mm glass into my 2 completed "Trumpet" framed exhibition prints. I am also working on the 2nd version of the "Tears of a Butterfly" Gerry Yaum compilation photograph book for the "Healing Process" exhibition. While working on the book I have added several photos made with the Hasselblad of my father during our "My Fathers Last Days" series of photographs.

I have come to love several of the negs made with the blad, of dad that last year. I did not shoot the camera very much. I remember taking a nice photo of him in the hospital and also several of dad at home. I might have only shot him with the camera 3 or 4 times, some with a ring flash. Still even thou I used the camera in limited ways I came away with some good photographs. I am wondering if I should take a single blad body, lens maybe 2 and a couple of film backs with me to Thai. I also have some extension tubes for the blad that would allow for close up work.I have film counter/loading problems with my 2 Rollieflex F cameras, maybe going with the heavy duty and reliable blad is the way to go.

More thought needed on this. I want to keep my camera numbers/gear down but it makes such effective pictures, taking it with me might result in some strong negatives. What to do?

Dad in Hospital Blog Shot With A Hasselblad
Dad Closeup, Shot With A Hasselblad

Dad with ringflash and blad
Dad in hospital, blad available light
Extreme close up, blad available light and extension tube