Saturday, May 20, 2017

Partially Satisfied, But So Much More To Do, So Much More Owed!

I am quite happy I got these 2 group shows and artist talk before my 6 month adventure in Thailand. It sort of sets the right mood as I head into the unknown. The work gets seen, the stories get told (kinda) and I earn money that I can donate back to the families in the dump. Helping my subjects is what this is all about, telling who they are and then giving back.

Still with all this recent good news I feel unsatisfied, I feel a bit let down. I need to get solo shows in higher end galleries, I need to move up to the major galleries in the major Canadian cities. I need to have large solo exhibitions. Only then will I have lived up to the responsibilities my subjects have entrusted me with. They welcomed me into their lives, gave me the gift of their image. Part of my photo making bargain is to get the work seen in large important world class galleries and museums, major shows in major places. I have yet to do that. I must continue to push myself and work harder still. My subjects stories must be seen and told. I owe them.