Friday, May 12, 2017

Another Possible "TRUMPET" Exhibition Print

Here is the  latest maybe "TRUMPET" exhibition photograph. Printed it over the last 2 nights. This print is the 1st attempt at the photograph. I found some small scratches on the lower right corner and on the girls hand. I added some Edwal's Scratch Remover" liquid and will  now attempt print 2. In the test I did after adding the Edwal's the scratches seem to have vanished, like magic. I also plan to burn the top of the hand an additional 40 seconds to bring down the tone a bit. This is a 20x24 inch print made on Ilford warmtone fiber photo paper.

I need to get this printed and then move on to a number of 35mm negs I have chosen out. I am quickly running out of time to get this show printed, I feel the pressure building.

Update* Ended up struggling through 6 versions of the print. After I put the Edwal's Anti Scratch on the neg the exposure times changed. I had to give LESS time to the print. Why less? I have no idea but I went from a basic exposure of 167 seconds to around 139 seconds. I had to redo all my testing and then clean the neg 5 or 6 times as the coated sticky stuff attracted all kinds of nasty hairs, fibers and dust.

I have 3 good versions washing now. I think one should fit the bill for the exhibition if I choose this little girls story. Will wash and dry the prints before I wash the negative again. I need to see where I am at first. If I think I got it, I can move onto the next negative.

Young girl in dump print 1st attempt, Thailand 2015