Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Will Donate Myself

Today before work I went down to renew my expired drivers license. The person at the provincial registry asked me in if I was interested in donating my organs, HELL YES! I have wanted to do this for several years but was unsure of the process. I can register my intention to donate via the registry, by mail or online at:
I plan to donate all the parts they want (heart, liver, bone, small bowel, eyes, skin, kidneys, lungs, stomach, pancreas, heart valves, vascular tissue, connective tissue) for any purpose they desire (transplantation, scientific research, medical education). It seems like a great way to go out, if I am dead what the hell do I need those parts for? Maybe I can help save a life (that would be great!), help a person become a doctor or help cure a disease. It certainly better to go out contributing to society than letting everything get wasted and burned up.

All you people out in internet land, please consider donating your organs as well. We can still have a positive influence on the world even after we die. Reach out and help others after your dead.

Note* I like how in the advertising organ donation pamphlet they twice mention that they will do the best they can to save your life before they take all your stuff. People must be afraid of them not trying too too hard to save them if they require a heart or kidneys some where else.

From the pamphlets, "What You Need To Know":

1) The first priority of health care professionals is to save lives. Your choice to be a donor does not affect the quality of life-saving medical care you receive.

4)  Organ and tissue recovery will only happen after every effort has been made to save your life.