Monday, May 1, 2017

Matting And Framing, Kinda!

Am cutting mats tonight and screwing things up. Trying to cut a 3 hole mat for my dad head shot Triptych but screwed it up 2 times so far. Going for number 3 nttempt now! One of the advantages of working nights security is that I can do my spotting/matting and framing at work. I also have more room to work here than I do in my very congested house. Back to the grindstone, maybe try number 3 will be the charm!

Update*Finally got this very difficult mat cut on attempt number 5. I hope I have enough mat board left to do the rest of the shows frames! Wasted a bunch on this effort.
Update** Here is the matted and framed result of tonight's work. This work is for the "Healing Process" show at the AGSA. Tomorrow I night I will mat and frame one of the "TRUMPET" photographs for Latittude 53 Gallery.

Triptych from "My Fathes Last Days", for  the "Healing Process" exhibition, photographed 2014 Canada