Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Endless Gabbing Needs To Be Controlled

When it comes to my photography and the adventures of making pictures  I tend to gab on forever in an excited and uncontrolled manner. I did that to a very nice couple yesterday at the Biennial 2017 opening at the AGA. I started on my gab fest when we I promoted my 2 up coming group exhibitions (complete with hand out paper work) and did not stop for over 30 minutes.

Gosh I can get over excited and quite a bore talking about the art, the stories behind the art, and my views on life in general when I get going. I have to learn how to control that better, shut it down sooner. When I have a captive audience I think might be interested I tend to lose control of myself. I need to stop hitting these groups with a constant barrage of Gerry empty headed babble.

I have 2 artist talks happening in the next bit. One for "Healing Process" at the AGSA, and another possible one with the Shutterbugs photo group. I need to be more concise, direct and focused in the way I explain things. I need to control my exuberance and excitement and stay on point. Just because you have people trapped in a room to listen to you does not mean you should be torturing them with every silly thought that enters your silly head!

I always feel so excited when I am in the moment telling those stories, explaining my creative and altruistic passions and hopes but later on (today) I feel that I went overboard and said too much. Later I feel guilty about speaking too long, saying too much and boring folks in general with my creative only semi interesting life experiences. Control Gerry, focus Gerry, simplify and shorten Gerry and most importantly listen to the other persons thoughts and feelings carefully, close your bloody mouth sometime.

Live and learn I guess.