Friday, May 12, 2017

Email: Just Sent This Funding Advice Email To The "Canadian Photography Institute"


Name is Gerry. Today I purchased a 35x35 inch view camera (down payment). This huge camera (largest in use in Canada?) will be in my possession in about 3 months time. In the coming years I plan to do a major Canadian wet plate project. I will make ambrotypes of what it is to be Canadian. The landscape, the people, our shared stories. I hope to exhibit this work country wide at all the major galleries.

I will need help funding the travel across the country and the production of the work. To do wet plate I will be traveling with a darkroom, and a camping trailer to live in.

What funding options do you recommend? What programs should I apply for? This will probably be a 10 year project as I travel West, East, South and especially North.

Thanks for your help...Gerry Yaum from Edmonton. 

Canadian Photography Institute