Wednesday, January 24, 2018

KODOKU (Being Alone) #8

Another 5 from "Kodoku”. I am making good use of my sick time!

Kodoku #36
Kodoku #37
Kodoku #38
Kodoku #39
Kodoku #40

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Canon 5D Mark 3 Continues To Breakdown

I am too tough on my cameras. I have another break down issue with my Canon digital. The little plate that sits on the shooting setting knob came off. Not sure why but it did. It is the knob that selects between the M, P, AV, TV functions. Damn, this camera is turning into a mess of damage. I need it for at least another 2 months of shooting. It has become a VERY important camera for me. I have the little plate that came off, maybe I can attach it some how again. That is one of the reasons I still prefer mechanical film cameras, they are more reliable, tougher and can operate without all the electronics. At least I still can shoot the camera with the plate off. I will just check the LCD for where the camera is set. Still I worry about dirt, water getting into the top area of the knob now. Maybe I can tape it up some how. What will break next on this camera? Stay tuned!

My damaged Canon 5D Mark 3

KODOKU (Being Alone) #7

Another 5 from the "Kodoku" series of pictures, made in Japan in December:

Kodoku #31
Kodoku #32
Kodoku #33 plus Self Portrait
Kodoku #34
Kodoku #35

Some More Dump At Night Pics

Photos from the 23rd when I got sick and took a day or 2 off. Because there is almost no light when these photos are made, I set my camera at 10000 to 20000 ASA and use a portable flashlight (hot spot) to light the scene, help with focus. Many of my pictures take at this time are out of focus. The dumpscapes are done with a tripod, sometimes with a flash light added in, sometimes not.

Dumpscape shot on the 22nd
This man is the first worker everyday, he arrives and works by himself around 515am
Self portrait in the dump while sick
Man sleeping in the dump comes out with his blanket to watch work

A Letter To The People

Had an idea yesterday to write a letter for the people in the dump in the Burmese language. I would write to them and tell them where the money for the headlamps and boots etc., comes from. How people in Canada and the USA saw the photos, videos, heard the stories and donated their own money.  I want everyone at the dump to understand where the money is coming from. How it comes from the photos made of them (artist fees, talking fees) and from donations given by good hearted people who simply wanted to help them. 

As more and more people know me here I think it is important to explain things Many folks including some strangers now call me "Gerry" quite often in the dump. I feel it is important to do up a letter, explaining everything, something I could hand out. The problem now is of course finding a person who speaks both fluent and English to write it for me.

Fever Gone-Shopping Begins

Seemed to have mostly recovered from my short illness. I did an 11 hour sleep which seems to have taken care of the fever, my body is no long hot all over. Still have a bit of a stomach issue an do not feel 100% strong just yet. Maybe I did too many days a row in the dump (6).  Not sure what the problem was and where it came from, I rarely get sick. Glad I feel better now, being ill SUCKS!! How the hell can you make photos when you feel so bad?

Loading film, tonight (4am here) also have a bunch of computer work to do. Preparing to return to the dump as soon as I can. I need to do a bunch of grocery shopping and donation shopping. I will get notebooks, boots, headlamps Also need to go to the bank as I am out of funds.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Updated “Familes of the DUMP” Donation Total

added $100 USD  donation to the donation total  on theleft side of this blog. Converted to CAD it is $124.96. The math went like this $3273.43 CAD + $124.96 CAD = $3398.39 CAD. So for this trip almost $4000 CAD was raised. I was hoping for $1500. It will be hard to spend it all before I leave, especially now that I am a bit sick ( how many days off?). If I do not spend it all this trip, I plan on carrying over the money until next trip, and continuing the work in 2019

People do care, they do love, you just got to give them a chance.

Fred Spotted Me

On my long drive out from the dump today Fred spotted me. I hope no problems there. He is a good bloke but has an uncontrollable and explosive temper. 

A Warning? Or Invitation?

Had a conversation today with a lady in the dump in broken Thai. Her Thai is not that good. I did not understand what she was saying. She might have been warming me of a danger or inviting me to something, am not sure.

I understood something like this from her.


Something like that. Maybe it was a warning about Thai officials, maybe an invitation of some kind. Best to mix up my routine now I think. When I was leaving the dump also drove past Fred on the road, he knows I am back in town now, not sure how he will take that, possible problems there as well.

8x10 Portraits

Started to shoot 8x10 portraits in the dump in available light. I am rather poor at it, trying to improve. It is physically very demanding to haul everything out there on a motorbike, then set it up and try to get people to pose for you all by yourself with no assistance. Technically I am also not really up to snuff. Am doing my best thou, trying to pay tribute to these wonderful people. I am also trying to do good work with dads gifted camera. I so want to do good with his gift of love. Hopefully can get some good negs out of this effort.

Dad Deardorff Story