Sunday, July 17, 2016

120mm "Forgotten Laughter" And Other Trip Shots #11

A mixed group of 10 120mm shots form the April-May Thailand trip.

Bride and grooms daughter in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Muay Thai boxer #1, Bangkok Thailand
Muay Thai boxer #1, Version #2, Bangkok Thailand April 2016
The bride and Chamiko in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Young girl in dump, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016
Dog next to dump shack, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016
Muay Thai boxer #2, Bangkok Thailand Aprl 2016
Muslim man and woman walking on Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok Thailand April 2016
Grandfather in the dump Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Bride and grooms daughter in the dump, Version #2, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bought Me A Wooden Ries Tripod

I bought a wooden A100 Ries tripod with J200 head today. The package also included a mint Mamiya RZ67 Pro II camera with 110mm lens. I always wanted a RZ (have 2-RBs) but never bought one before. Probably did not need this camera but heck for what I paid for it is a nice addition. It is kind of cool to finally own one of these things. The first RB I got years ago was a gift from my father. I will always remember him buying that for me, what a great generous father.With this purchase I was only interested in the Tripod, but the camera happened to be attached to it! So I got that too.

The A100 Ries tripod is only listed at 35lbs (the weight of my 16x20 alone) but I have been told that the tripod can carry more than that weight effectly. The J-200 head is rated to only 16lbs. Not 100% sure this smaller tripod and head will work for my Chamonix camera but it could work. I might have been better off with the larger A100-2 and the a-250 2 head. Will see what happens?? The other thing to remember is that I will be using 2 tripods in my 16x20 camera set up, so maybe this tripod/head combo working in conjuction with a second tripod will be OK.

Cost of this supposed mint gear purchase was $1248 USD. A new Ries tripod and head would cost $1000 USD so I basically got the camera body, film back and lens for $248 USD, not that bad at all. If I find the A100 tripod and J200 head are too small for my big May Lee 16x20 I will use this gear for the front standard tripod and buy a second larger A100-2 and A250-2 head for the back heavier weighted part of the camera.

Note* The RZ67 was photogapher Annie Leibowitz's favourite tool for many years.
Note** Most decent condition  RZ67 Pro II with 110mm lens seem to sell for around $600-830 USD on eBay now. Hopefully the one I bought as a SIDE EFFECT is in MINT condition as promised.

Update*  I wonder what I could do with this camera in the dump? The camera would be heavy and awkward to carry but would also allow a 6x7 negative and very easy up close (bellows) focusing. The RZ cameras are very well built professional tank type things with sharp lens. Not sure how they do handheld, I need to use a tripod with my RBs.
Update** I just learned I can use all my RB lens with this RZ so no need to buy more lens as I have a wide angle and telephoto already.
Update*** I bought a second 120mm film back for this camera, cost a cheap $55 USD. Two backs will probably be enough for me to shoot fluidly thou if I can get a third cheaply it might be worth buying. I am considering whether to buy the prism finder (meter), will think that over, they cost around $250 USD. Leaning towards a no on that one (to much weight).
Update**** I thought of another 2 tripod option for the 16x20 if this Ries tripod is a bit too small. I put the A100 on the front standard and get a non giant (shorter) large Gitzo carbon fiber tripod for the year. This might be my best and lightest option. The camera would be locked in place, super solid like!

My new RZ67 and Ries wooden A-100 tripod with J-200 head

Friday, July 15, 2016

Super High Contrast?

It might be fun to play with some of my images like this, going SUPER HIGH CONTRAST using photoshop, then making digi prints. This ultra high contrast really creates a very very graphic look. For comparison see the normal contraster version in the earlier dad blog.

Dad with super high contrast

Bought A 16x20 Silver Nitrate Tank

The prepare continues to do ULF 16x20 wet plate. I purchased a 16x20 silver nitrate tank off eBay today from a seller in the Czech Republic. Cost of the tank was 189 GBP (325.44 CAD), with free shipping. I will use this tank to coat silver nitrate onto my collodion plates. I will be doing tintypes, ambrotypes as well as glass negs. This item seems to be well made, hopefully I can use it for many years.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Quote: Georges Rouault (Painter)

"Nothing is old, nothing is new, save the light of grace underneath which beats a human heart. The way of feeling, of understanding, of loving, the way of seeing the country, the faces that your father saw, that your mother knew. The rest is chemical."

I Miss My Dad

It has now been 1 year 5 months since dad passed away but it is still so hard to be without him. I have flashbacks, dreams and constant memories of him. Things set me off all the time. This morning after work when I went to my mother and fathers house to pick up some garden grown green onions, memories of my father flooded back.

Over the years my father would very often be waiting for me in the kitchen when I showed up on days like today. He would be up and waiting for me at 530am or 6am in the morning. He would never tell me he got up just to speak to me, to spend time with me but he was almost alway there waiting when I arrived. He would often have something for me to eat or drink and we would sit and talk for 30 minutes or an hour. When I left dad would always give me something, some pyrogies, a shirt or jacket he had bought, some bread, often money, $40, $50 sometimes $100. Even thou I insisted I did not need the money, that I was working, was OK and that he should keep it, dad would always make me take the dollars. He would always tell me "You need it more than I do".

Oh how I miss our mornings together, that special time we shared. Today I went to their house after my nightshift and his chair was empty and the room dark. It was all so negative and depressing, how long before my mom is gone too? How long until both of them are gone forever. I just wish I could have one more talk with my dad, one more morning meet and greet session. I could tell him all the news, everything that has happened since he left us.  We could share a quiet morning together, just him and me. How wonderful that would be.

Dad February 2011, 4 years before he passed away from Pancreatic Cancer.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fujinon 600mm F11.5 ULF Lens Now In The Fold

I got my Fujinon 600mm F11.5 today, had to pay a very heavy tax of $165 CAD (OUCH!) but this lens is a real beauty. It came in the orginal box packe like new and is in almost mint condtion. The shutter works wonderfully, glass is super clean. I am very very happy I got it, it has a 620mm image circle and should work with cameras larger than 16x20. What a absolute gem!! This is probably going to be my standard lens for the ultra large format work.

I now have several ULF lens at home ready to use. Some of these will work with May Lee (Chamonix 16x20 camera) and some that may not have quite enough coverage.

- 450mm Fujinon F9 (Q), copal 3 shutter (enough coverage?)
- 21 inch Ilex process with older shutter (enough coverage?)
- 600mm Fujinion F11.5, copal 3 shutter (16x20 coverage +)
- 42 inch Goertz Artar Red Dog, no shutter but can be fitted with a Ilex #5 (20x24+ coverage)

Been told to keep an eye out for a wider 19 inch Dagor lens, so will do that. I might also be interested in getting a wider Schneider 355mm  F 9 G Claron for wet plate 12x20 and possibly 16x16 work.

The 16x20 Chamonix film holder and wet plate backs are in the works, need to pay yet. I also need to get a proper tripod system, might try and rig up something with my existing tripods first. I will also need to get me a dark cloth of some kind. Soon, very soon, I can start shooting my beautiful May Lee, am very excited. I will also be opening up my wet plate chemistry in the coming months, need to start working with them again. I will also be mixing that chemistry from scratch.

This is all coming together nicely!

Link: Caravan Wet Plate Darkroom, Rubylith

Been mking one of these for my possible, eventual, mobile wet plate darkroom. Photographer Paul Aslop created this beautiful working enviroment in New Zealand. He converted a camping trailer into a darkroom, wonderful!

Check out the links to how he did it and his wonderful portrait work.
Coverting a caravan (camping trailer) into a wet plate darkroom

Update* I could use this type trailer darkroom to do wet plate and also to develop film on the road, specifically ULF film in trays. How cool would it be to travel Canada wide, East, West, North and South while making pictures and developing film in a unit like this! That is as close to a life of heaven as I can imagine.

Paul Aslop's wet plate darkroom caravan

Quotes: Lewis Hine

"If I could tell this story in words, I wouldn't need to lug a camera."

"In fact, (the picture) is often more effective than reality would have been, because, in the picture, the non-essential and conflicting interests have been eliminated."

Wet Plate Baby Steps

Decided to play it smart and take it slow with the wet plate work. I will start out doing tintypes 4x5 and up. Will work with the Deardorff and the Chamonix (can do up to 16x20 images). No trailer or truck darkrooms just yet. I will start off with a $200 CAD ice fishing tent as my darkroom and use smaller cameras. Lets see if I really REALLY love this process, I think I will. In the workshop I took I loved it, in all the online vids I have watched I love it. I still need more first hand experience before I totally commit to this thing.

Eventually I could be doing large ambrotypes on black and ruby glass with a 24x32 Chamonix but lets start out first with smaller baby steps and move on from there.