Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Down And Out

Am in France now very sick. I have a bad cough (starting to recover), I have bad food poisoning (starting to recover, on medication) and very bad gout in my left foot. The gout is the worst part of it. Lots of pain, unable to walk. Drinking lots of water. The loss of fluids from the food poisoning no doubt is contributing to the gout problem.

This sucks, I want to go out and see art instead I am trapped in my rundown hotel room. Hopefully will be better. I have not eaten much for 3 or 4 days. Got to fight my way through this, I am in France not a garbage dump, how bad can it be?

Quote: Stephen Hawking

 “It would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love.”

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Truly Amazing And Remarkable Visit With Kurt Moser

Today I had  a very remarkable afternoon and night with Kurt Moser. Not sure where to start,  March 7th was the most interesting and compelling individual day of that this 6 month  Asian trip. I feel a bit overwhelmed by everything I experienced and learned from Kurt. I will post some photos later on when I have my laptop again. Kurt was great to me, answered every question, helped me in every way I could imagine. If I cannot learn to be a wet player under his guidance from yesterday and hopefully some help in the future then I simply cannot learn! He opened up his world to me, it was a great day filled with magical moments.

What an incredible gentleman Kurt is, he m at the end of the night he even took me out to dinner! More details and photos to follow.

Final Payments For Pee Noy

On my last day in the dump I had to return my motorbike to Pee Noy, had to pay for additional 4 days of bike rental as well as pay him for the driving he was doing to the airport and a tip. I gave him 180 baht a day x 4 for the bike = 720 baht, and 1000 baht for the driving and tip (about 400 baht for the driving and a 600 tip).

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

In Milan

from Facebook...

Am in Milan Italy or as they say here MILANO. Rather cold, layering up to compensate. Heading off to Bolzano (3 hour train ride North) to meet up with Kurt tomorrow. Am trying to overcome a cough I got back in Thai, maybe at the dump, everyone coughs there. Do not want to spend my entire time in Europe sick. 
On the 9th will leave Italy not sure where I will go! The freedom of the European Union allows lots of possibilities. The photo is from my last days in Mae Sot. Am handing out my bag of Lollipops to Sky Blue students. Also donated the fan (from Thais) and school supplies (Thais and Dana B&S) to the school (located on the edge of the dump).

Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Final Goodbye

Had a nice thing happen on my second last time to the dump. I went and gave a bag of apartment things to a woman who lives on the edge of the garbage in the swamp area with her husband and one armed little boy. There was a group of 6 people sitting outside her home. We talked for a bit. One of the men started to speak to me in Thai. I thought at first he was asking me for money but realized that was not the case when I tried to give him some and then he told me “No its ok, not need it”. He then spoke to me for about 2 minutes. His acent was rather heavy but eventually I realized he was thanking me. Thanking me for all the work I had done in the dump. He was very sincere in his thanks, very honest. It was all rather moving. I patted him on the shoulder and said thank you.

This group knew I was not coming back, new I was not returning. And instead of asking for extra dollars at the end he simply thanked me for all the work that had been done. Rather a beautiful moment. The picture below was made at that time, the man in the white shirt is the one who spoke to me.

Final Group Photo

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Last 300 Baht Handed Out

Before I handed off the motorbike I raised down to the swamp area of the dump one last time. I had to give Pee Noy his bike back at 730am and was at the dump swamp at about 7am (just down the road from where Pee Noy lives).

I had gathered up the last of my apartment things to hand out. I had all my sauces, my cooking oil, my cleaning soap, my frying pan, my pot, my dishes, my knives and forks,  my little broom, some small towels etc. Basically anything I could find of any value I put into 2 plastic bags to give out to a dump shack home.

On arriving I parked the bike on the paved road then walked off down to the homes which were down near the swamp. There was one main home there that looked semi abandoned. I walked over to the front area of the home dragging the bags with me. As I approached the front I hear the word “Gerry?” I said “Yes”. Then a man came out from underneath the shelter, where he had been sleeping. It was a sad thing, this skinny little man (the father of the family group who lived alone now, see photo) crawls out in the dirt, animal like, dog like. He was completely forgotten and on his own. Gosh to live like that every day, every night. What kind of future can he possibly have? Will this man still be alive on my return to the dump?

He told me he did not have a headlight and could he get a headlight? My headlamp buying days were done, I was leaving and I had no spares to give him. The lamps cost 300 baht each so I reached into my wallet and left him 300 baht, then said goodbye. That 300 baht was the last donation of this trip. A total of $3500 CAD in donation money was raised. I spent $4000 CAD on donation goods and some CASH handouts, so an extra $500 came out of my security guard salary trip savings. The best money I ever spent in my life.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Closed Apartment, Returned Motorbike

Closing the apartment and getting the motorbike back to Pee Noy were less difficult than I thought. The hardest part of the apartment closing was just the packing of all the gear. Everything went smoothly. Now the trick will be to get everything back to Canada.

Bus To Bangkok

The 81/2 hour bus ride to Bangkok loaded down with 3 heavy bags and 1 very heavy backpack was difficult. Ended up taking a early day bus at 9am, which was a bit different for me (the night bus was full). The hardest part might have been waiting in line for 1 hour at Bangkok’s Mojit bus station for a taxi. Hot as hell, with ever slow moving lineups. I had to struggle with the bags every step of the way. Not something I want to experience again soon. Being sick, coughing and hacking away through out the day did not help things.

School And Apartment Stuff Donation

Did my final donations to SKY BLUE School which is on the edge of the dump.

from Facebook...

...The photo is from my last days in Mae Sot. Am handing out my bag of Lollipops to Sky Blue students. Also donated the fan (from Thais) and school supplies (Thais and Dana B&S) to the school (located on the edge of the dump).