Monday, July 16, 2018

Quote: Thomas Jefferson

"When the speech condemns a free press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant."

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Lam Duan The Blind Elephant Listens To Bach

Found this simply beautiful. I will try to visit 'Elephants World' my next trip to Thai.
Man Plays Bach To Blind Elephant

Here is a link to Lam Duan's home, Elephant World.
Elephants World Kanchanaburi Thailand

Quote: Conversation Between Actor-Game Show Host Richard Dawson And His Mother

During his retirement speech of his show 'Family Feud' Mr. Richard Dawson told this wonderful story about an important conversation he had with his mom. As a young boy in 1945 he saw troops of all colors leaving his town in England on D-day. Young Richard had never seen people of different races in his English home town before, he asked his mother.

"Is there something wrong?" his mother said "No! God makes people you understand that, don't you?" he said "Yeah" she said "Who makes a rainbow?" Young Richard said "God." Richard's mother then told him "I would never presume to tell anyone that can make a rainbow, what color to make children." Dawson then said "And she changed my whole life with that statement."

The Entire Goodbye Speech

More mothers should have talks with there children like that.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Power Of Meditation

Found this quite interesting, the power of meditation to calm people in times of stress. The Thai coach who was trapped in the underwater cave with his 12 soccer team members is a former monk. As a monk of 10 years he was very experienced in doing meditation.

When I was beginning to learn Thai, I studied the language and meditation at a local temple here in Edmonton. The Thai monks taught me to speak, read and write as well as meditate. I did it on almost a daily basis for over 2 years. What I found was an extreme form of relaxation. I would do walking meditation for 30 minutes along with sitting for 30 with a group of others at the temple. I would almost always fall asleep, snoring loudly, during the sitting part. After wards my monk teacher would say to me "Gerry you fell asleep again.", then laugh. I do not think technically in proper meditation you should fall asleep thou some people do (including monks). I know I was very very relaxed and would doze off quite easily, usually within the first 10 minutes of the 30 minute sitting session. After I left the temple my stress level was very low, I felt completely refreshed and at peace. I highly recommend those interested  give meditation a try!

Here is a CNN article about meditation and the boys in the cave.

Thai boys who were trapped in cave have a powerful survival tool

Facebook: New HF3535 Photos And Update

My HF3535 camera should be finished fairly soon. I am making the final payments on shipping and some extra backs for it. Filip in the Czech Republic built two of these beauties, one for a fellow in Korea and one for little old me in Canada. I hope to use it on a major cross Canada 10 year plus photography project making Ambrotypes (pictures on glass). I will also be doing 20x24 film work with the camera. The current idea would be to have a motor home of some kind towing a cargo trailer darkroom and to then travel everywhere in Canada making landscapes and portraits! Will do that for 10 years and see where I am at. Retirement the fun way! I have 2 lens for the camera a very old extremely rare Tessar 1800mm F15 brass lens and an also rare Nikon 1780mm F14.…/bought-me-amazing-95-year-o……/bought-me-nikkor-apo-1780mm… 

Note* The lens are so rare I can probably eventually sell them and get my money back or even make a profit. The camera? Not sure if I can resell it at some point, maybe not. The most important thing of course is to make important lasting photographs with these tools. If I do then the cost of the tings will not matter.

Here are some shots Filip took of the first HF3535 which was sent to Korea.
The huge HF3535

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Facebook: Poipet Brothel Memories

During my life doing social documentary photos the ugliest place I have ever made photographs in was a brothel in Poipet Cambodia. The memories of the young women who worked there (Cambodians and Vietnamese) haunt me to this day. They would beautify the ugly sleeping/sex rooms where they took their customers to with torn out pictures of movie and singing stars.
I have photographed my father as he died from pancreatic cancer, desperate men shooting heroin in Oakland California, prostitution in Thai, slums in Bangkok and Cambodia, migrant workers, street kids and leper homes in Nepal, Burmese refugee families working a garbage dump in Mae Sot Thailand but the thing that bothers me most, the thing that haunts me still are the faces of the young women in the Cambodian brothel. They were so lost, so defeated, so gone. They would sit up front of the hovel like brothel they worked on cheap plastic chairs, under pink lights, waiting for the next customer. Their customers were mostly Cambodian men who would arrive sometimes 3 at a time on motorbikes and pay $2 each.
One young girl (everyone told me they were 18 but I doubt it) showed me large welts on her back and legs where the mama son would beat her with a hanger. Terrible ugly shit that goes on all over the world to this day. Hung the Vietnamese girl/woman in this photo could be dead now of HIV-AIDS, not sure what happened to her. I went back a few years later but could not find the brothel, her or any of the people who worked there.…/haunted-by-lost-innocence-…

Hung Vietnamese Brothel Sex Worker, Poi Pet Cambodia 2003

Quote: My Mother

Mom is suffering from the initial stages of dementia. What my mother is going through is more difficult than what dad faced with his pancreatic cancer. With dad his body gave up but his mind, memory and intelligence was there till the end. Moms body is quite strong, she eats and sleeps well but her mind is leaving her, she has almost no short term memory now and suffers from extreme anxiety and restlessness. She constantly paces and moves about and grabs in desperation at anything she thinks can help her. There are constant requests for medicines and even after she has pills within a minute she does remember taking them.

This is so hard because there is nothing I can do and nothing she can do to get her short term memories back, her long term memories will probably eventually go as well. She is so frightened and confused, she deserves better than this and I cannot help her, I can not save her.

This quote is from a phone call this morning, she said it with such anxious, and an overwhelming sadness in her voice, she broke down and was crying after.

"Gerald!............ I can't remember!"

Video Link: Kind Hearted People Help Animals

Am in a hopeful frame of mind tonight. Thought I would share this YouTube video of people saving animals in danger.

Restore Your Faith In Humanity In 4 Minutes Flat

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Power Of Love

The 12 Thai soccer team boys and their coach were successfully rescued from their underground cave today.When we all work together, when the world helps each other, when we all love and care for each other, the best things happen. Here is a quote from the chief of the rescue mission.


Chief of the rescue mission Narongsak Osottanakorn addressed reporters at the end of the 17-day mission, arriving at a media centre to a round of applause.
He confirmed that a medic and all navy SEAL divers involved in the rescue mission had also left the cave safely.
"Nobody thought we could do it. It was a world first," he said. "It was Mission Possible for Team Thailand.
"The heroes this time are people all over the world," he added, referring to the multinational team that assisted in the operation.
"This mission was successful because we had power. The power of love. Everybody sent it to the 13."

Quote: Baba (From The Film "The Babushkas Of Chernobyl")

"..if there's a puddle some look in it and see the sky. Some see themselves."