Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Link: A Very Canadian Thing,

This made me laugh, a Canada thing., a party and dancing in the airport after a delayed flight. Love that they cheered the second delay and went back partying!

B/W Versus Color

I was planning to print the digital stuff in color. Here is a comparison of one image, in color and b/w. Black and white always simplifies, but there is a certain glorious beauty to color. I plan on eventually printing the digital stuff in Platinum/Palladium process. Platinum/Palladium prints will of course will be in a wonderful tonal range b/w.

Playing cards in the dump image in b/w and color, Mae Sot November 2017

Dump Photos For The Night

Some newly shot color stuff. 10000 ASA  Canon 5D Mark 3, 24-100mm F4. From tonight at the dump.

Working, Mae Sot dump, November 17, 2917
Working 2, Mae Sot dump, November 17, 2017
Playing cards, Mae Sot dump, November 21, 2017
Playing cards 2, Mae Sot dump, November 21, 2017
Playing cards 3, Mae Sot dump, November 21, 2017
Playing cards 4, Mae Sot dump, November 21, 2017
Playing cards 5, Mae Sot dump, November 21, 2017
Waiting for garbage trucks, Mae Sot dump, November 21, 2017

Tonight At The Dump, Warning Number 4

Today's day at the dump started with a man telling me not to take photos (another garbage company employee). This was my 4th warning not to photograph. Did a bit of sweet talking, and basically kind of shot non problematic subjects while the man was there, when he left I shot everything while keep one eye out for him, which is rather hard to do in the dark. Hope this does not eventually lead to an arrest of some kind.

Handed out 3 mama noodles, 2 sets of boots and 2 headlamps. I will need to buy more headlamps and boots soon as my supplies are running short. I need size 9 1/2 boots for the women.

Did a bit of video, sound and photo work tonight, thou I have not looked at the results, I do not have a very good vibe on tonight's output.

Video: Working The Garbage #2

I think this filming snippet works better visually, people on multiple levels. A more 3 dimensional look to it. I also have a higher quality "Zoom 4" audio recorder WAVE file recorded off a camera mounted microphone for all the footage shot yesterday.

Video: Working The Garbage #1

Some video from last night. The Canon allows me to shoot at 8000 ASA which works so much better than the BMPCC at 1600 ASA. Sometimes its good to bring lots of gear and have options, options to bend and flow, especially when your new to something like film making.

Monday, November 20, 2017

From Facebook. Digital Photos Made Tonight In The Dump

This is from facebook, the working the garbage color photos in the earlier blog were included in the post.

Been photographing this family for 5 years now. The young girl at one point was looking through a fashion magazine that she found in the garbage. So screwed up to live a life like this, with no real future. She should be be gossiping about boys with her friends, studying and, her mind should be filled with dreams, not digging through garbage every night.
Tech stuff, all shot with the Canon 5D Mark 3 my friend Larry sold to me. 10000 ASA, adjusted the auto focus which seemed to help. Everything done with a 24-100 mm F4 with stabilizer function on. F4 at 30-100 a second. The pictures were made in very low light, pretty well impossible light for film so I went digital, a new experience for me. The only illumination was provided by the head lamps.
Am looking to create enough color works for a future exhibition. If I can get an artist fee for that show, will donate it back to the families as was done this trip with the $500 CAD earned at the "Trumpet" exhibition. A side benefit is that many people who view the photographs and hear the stories also contribute. Thank you to all those people as well. I am hoping the video works plus the new photographs will continue to educate and raise awareness. We can can make this world such a better place if we all reach out and help each other.

Tonight's Non Video Stuff, Made Some DIGI Photos

I adjusted the auto focus setting to a better result. Here are some shots made last night in the dump. Next time I might try mounting an external light source to the camera, not sure if that will work or not. These were shot with a Canon 5D Mark3 at 10000 ASA with a 24mm-105mm F4 lens Exposure was about F4 and 30-100th of a second. Sometimes I shot blind with the camera pointed up an inch or so out of the garbage. Hope to use some of the color shots made this trip in the Penticton Art Gallery show.

Wife and husband, found whiskey, Mae Sot November 20, 2017
Boy watching workers, Mae Sot dump, November 20, 2017
Young girl working the garbage, Mae Sot, November 20, 2017

Pulled Facebook Post

Had this originally posted on facebook, pulled it, too personal, too heartfelt.

Here it is..

Tonight in the dark I saw and filmed a young girl of 11-12 or so flipping through a fashion magazine as she dug through the garbage at the dump. I have been photographing this place and her family for 5 years now, with time you can become jaded. This woke me up, it was difficult to watch. She should have such a bright future, a beautiful young lady, strong, smart, watches out for her younger brothers, works hard for her family everyday. Instead this is her life, looking at glamour magazines while standing and working in garbage.
Here is a photo of her back in 2013, helping cook breakfast. 5 years from now I will probably be photographing her still working the garbage, maybe with her own children nearby. This is fucked up!

Making breakfast in the dump,Mae Sot Thailand 2013

Mama Noodles! And 500 Baht

At one point in my shooting a father found an unopened package of MAMA noodles (very popular here) in the garbage, he tossed them to his son. Later on I was leaving the dump and I saw the little boy on the ground opening up the package. I asked him if it was noodles (Gway-Tee-Owe in Thai). He said to me in English, MAMA! He had a big grin on his face. The noodles are often even raw as a snack. I told him I would bring some MAMA for him tonight. On the way home I stopped at 7/11 and bought 5 packages to hand out the the children tonight.

At one point the father of the groom came to me complaining of a medical problem with his back. Then later a Thai speaking person and finally an English speaking girl spoke to me about the problem. Seems he needed money for medical care. Not sure how that would be done, in Mae Sot, at the local Burmese clinic (Mae Tao) or inside nearby Myawaddy (in Myanmar, Burma). The family asked for 500 baht ($19.51 CAD), quite a lot of money, the same cost as 2 1/2 pairs of boots. I decided to give them the money. I believe he was telling me the truth, the family in the past has always been very hard working and honest with me.

The way I look at it, the money people gave me back in Canada/USA was to help the families, there are many ways to help, including giving money to them directly at times.