Monday, November 18, 2019

Anapon 2019 On Film

A few film shots of Anapon, a man from THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE UNDER THE FREEWAY series. I have been photographing Khun Anapon for about 7 years now, he is an ex Muay Thai boxer living in a small boarded room under the freeway. Leica R6 and 16mm Lens I think, or possibly a 21mm, Tri-x film.

Anapon, THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE UNDER THE FREEWAY, in his home, Klong Toey Slum, Bangkok 2019

First 120 Medium Format Photo, From Last Thai Trip

First medium format pic from last trip. FAMILIES OF THE DUMP. Young boy in a dump shack, Mae Sot Thailand garbage dump, 2019. Photo made with a Rolleiflex and Tri-X.

Boy portraits, FAMILIES OF THE DUMP, Mae Sot Thailand dump, 2019

MIGHT Study Aikido

Thinking of TRYING to learn Aikido. Have always been fascinated by this type of martial art, and it might help with the photography. The training should lower the fat boy content some, also help with flexibility and provide some more spiritual positives. Some physical and mental training might allow me to carry the big camera gear a few more years, hope hope. Visited a local Dojo's web page yesterday and saw this quote. Seems right, will try giving it a go, and see what happens. Might lead no where but might be a real old age positive in a persons life.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

More Comments From Dom Picture Post On Facebook


MS.....geez governments from all over the world sure don't think of people. government personal have more heart for their fur baby/ies than people around them. saddening.

GERRY YAUM....That is why for me social documentary photography is so important. It humanizes, explores and tells the stories of forgotten people in this world. The hope is that the indifferent,including government types might be influenced to help those in need.

We share this wonderful world and need to treat ALL with love, respect and compassion.

MS....Keep being the true advocate for all humans my facebook friend. One day all people will wake up!!

GERRY YAUM....Thanks, so much, will try!

Comments On Dom Photos

Here is a little conversation on the photos of Dom posted below. This is from my Facebook page.

JP....Sad and beautiful. Powerful.

GERRY YAUM....Thanks Jamie. Dom is a nice man, likes to joke, maybe a bit crazy at times but always treated me kindly. Hope he is still alive next trip, will give him some of the pics and buy him some food as you did for your friend in need recently.

JP......I couldn't do what you do. My heart would break that I couldn't save everyone. Thank you for introducing them and thank you for recording their being.

GERRY YAUM....ts not as bad as it seems, when you make photos like this you see lots of good stuff also...your sort of pulled into peoples lives, share many good experiences and some bad of course. The people under the freeway or in the dump are special...they overcome so much to live their lives, it is often a pleasure to be with them. The things I hate are the heat in Thai, the cockroaches, rats and such and in the dump the terrible smell that lingers on everything, in your hair, your fingernails, your camera gear. That stuff is very hard to take and wears you out, the people especially the kids, usually do the opposite, they rejuvenate you. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

Some Film Photos From The Last Thai Trip

Some photos made with film from last trip. I felt depressed last week so started developing film, which improved my mood. Photography has always been able to lift me out of nasty spirits. 

I did not shoot as much film as I should have the last Thai trip, sort of got carried away with the digital camera. Photos are from the "People Who Live Under The Freeway Series" made in Klong Toey Slum Bangkok. 
All TrI-X film shot at 200ASA developed in D-76 2:1 for 12 minutes 20C. Camera was a Leica R6, not sure the lens, believe I shot the 16-21-24-60 mm with film last trip.
Will post more film images as I develop and scan them in the coming months. I need to get my lazy ass back to Thai to continue this series and continue the dump work/photos.

Dom 58 from "The People Who Live Under The Freeway", Klong Toey Slum, Bangkok Thailand 2019
A wild dog from "The People Who Live Under The Freeway", Klong Toey Slum, Bangkok Thailand 2019

Friday, November 15, 2019

The Nuarc UV 40-1K Is Packaged And Ready To Ship

The Nuarc UV printing machine I made a deal on a while back is now ready to ship from Vernon BC to Edmonton. The seller Mike has sent me videos of the machines operation, the light and the vacuum both work. It will be sent to me in the next few weeks, not sure how long it will take to get her via truck from British Columbia. I will keep it in storage over the winter and unpack and set it up next year when it warms up.

I hope to print  the best photos made in my lifetime on Platinum when I retire in a few years (2-4 years probably)  time. This buy is a preparation for then.

Stolen Truck Found By Police

My dads truck was found by the Police in the West end of Edmonton. I received a phone call from the police last night when I was at work. They towed it to a lot not too too far from where I live. Not sure of damage to the vehicle and other charges yet (towing? storage?).

Am happy it was found about 10 days after it was stolen, now worried what it will cost to get it back in front of the house again. Need it rather desperately so will have to work something out. Will use it to drive mom around, for moving things and for pulling the wet plate trailer next spring/summer/fall.

Update* Saw the truck for the first time today at the garage where it will be repaired. Got some more bad news, the canopy was missing, dads beautiful canopy was stolen or taken off vey the thieves. The spare tire is still in the back but everything else is gone. If I want to buy a new used canopy it will cost between $100 and $1000 CAD. The truck door handle is also missing and the ignition is destroyed as well (probably so they could break in and then start the vehicle).

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Quote: Frank Zappa

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open/"

Monday, November 11, 2019

Developing Film

Have not developed any film from the last trip yet. Will go downstairs and do that before having a nap and my first work shift tonight. Been so down all week because of the truck theft, am hoping developing film will pull me out of it. Photography has always been my high of high, photography has always been able to pull me out of life's negative ruts, hoping that happens again today. I have a week of work ahead, I need to stop this ugly down I am.

Keep thinking of 3 things
- What can I drive mom in? The truck was easier for mom to get in and out of.
- Truck lost for nothing, all that money wasted. I could have used the money instead in so many more important ways.
- I have nothing to pull the wet plate trailer next spring. How can I improve at Wet Plate?