Thursday, June 30, 2016

My New 450mm Nikon Q F9 Lens

 The 450mm Nikon Q F9 arrived today. Not sure I have seen a more beautiful lens in my life. It is in minty mint shape. The previous owner really took care of this thing, even the shpping box was very elaborate with multi levels of foam, bubbled plastic and protection. The shutter on the lens works great, and the lens comes complete with 2 elaborate lens hoods (one metal that you screw on). This lens looks to be a great purchase, and it came in at less than 1/2 the cost of the M version. What an absolute beauty! Am very happy I bought it. Now I just hope it has the same coverage as the M.

Bought A Zone VI 5x7 Cold Light Enlarger

Well after years and years of looking at this enlarger I finally bought one. I have dreamed of owning one of these Fred Picker Zone VI jobs for upwards of 20 years, today I bought a used one online. The enlarger is a Type 2 with the compensationg timer and  variable contrast head. The cost was reasonable for this originally very expensive machien, $1100 USD plus $300 USD (shipping). The enlarger looks to be in mint shape and has been owned by only one dedicated person.

These machines are cold light, a type of light I have never printed under before. They have a reputation as being a bit touchy, the cold light can heat up and cool down altering exposure times. From what I read online thou the Type 2 has solved this problem with their compensating enlarger timer (included in auction) with photocell. The timer adjusts the exposure time depending on the heat level of the head. Another cool thing about the timer is they have a dry down setting allowing the darkroom worker to print more accurately, anticipating the dry down of the fiber papers whites.

This whole thing fits under the "Do I really need it category?" I have lots of enlargers, no cold light enlarger but still have lots of different types. Do I really need it? I probably have one of the best equiped darkrooms in Western Canada,  most likely the best darkroom in my city of Edmonton. I felt having access to cold light and having a second 5x7 enlarger was a benefit, it would add to the depth and ability of my special room. The price was right, so why not? I am getting older and running out of time. If I was ever going to get one of these things, now is the time. So, fuck it, I went for it! I will need to remove one my existing enlargers (have 2 I never use) and place my new Zone VI beauty there.

My life plan (assuming I live till 82 like my dad) has always been to keep in as good a shape as I can and to shoot photographs until I am at least 70 years old. When I reach 70, am more feeble and cannot be in the field (locations in Asia with heavy gear) as much I want to devote the rest of my life to the darkroom, printing my lifetime negatives. In the darkroom it does not really matter how slow I move, as long as my eyesight holds I should be ok. This wonderful Zone VI machine will give me another creative option in that last 10+ years of important darkroom printing.

Will up date you all with prints I make and the general use of this machine later on. Finally one of my dream tools is coming to my darkroom. I am very excited. You got to love digital photography, it is allowing me to chase down all the best equipment I always dreamed of owning and could never afford on a security guards salary. I am now using, Leica, Blad, Linfhoff, Deardorff, ULF. Durst, Saunders and now Zone VI.

Update* I will need to get 4x5 and 5x7 neg carriers for this machine. The seller only included 35mm, 645, 6x6 and 6x7 carriers.  The enlarger also has a foot switch for the timer which I feel is essential in my printing process.
Update* I believe this enlarger can also be upgraded to 8x10. I doubt I will go there as I already have an 8x10 enlarger but it is nice to have that possible option.

Many New Toys

I have.been getting many new eBay toys over the last while. Here's a list of some recent deliveries and why I bought them.

- Nikon Q 450mm F9 lens. Will use on my 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 cameras. Possibly use it on my 16x20 (enough coverage?) and future 11x14 and 14x17s.
- Hero 2 GoPro camera and accessories. Replacing my damaged RE video camera, allowing for person perspective video, for the blog and video channels.
- Sony RX100 ll digital camera. To do handheld quick grab 20 meg shots on the run. It will replace my damaged previous RX100 II.
- Beachteck portable sound mixer. For mixing sound on the coming documentary movie.
- Ferrotyping print drying equipment. Got this stuff cheap, cheap. I want to try drying my prints and ferrotyping them to create a super gloss. Never done this before but have learned about the process on YouTube from Borut Peterlin.

Still on their way:
- 42 inch Red Dot Artar Goerz prosses lens. For the 16x20 and possibly a future 20x24 camera.
- 21 inch Ilex process lens with shutter. For 11x14, 14x17 to possibly 16x20 camera use.

Note* My Canon C100 HD video camera order went belly up. I still need to get that camera for next years documentary film project.  That will happen in the next 6 months.

120mm "Forgotten Laughter" Shots #8

Another 10:

Woman working in the garbage, Version #2, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Dumpscape, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016
Young girl fishing in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand April 2016
Dumpscape, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016
Starring boy in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Baby girl being held in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Baby girl crying in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Old lady in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016
Children fishing in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016
Boy sleeping early morning in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

120mm "Forgotten Laughter" And Trip Shots #7

10 more:
Boy fishing in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand April 2016
Ooh, homeless woman Bangkok Thailand May 2016
Young girl in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016
Woman working the garbage, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Grandmother, baby and young girl in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016

Man walking in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand April 2016
Man working the garbage, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Father and son near the dump, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Many working the garbage, head, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Dumpscape, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016

7 "Photography Of Gerry Yaum" Sample Pages

Been digging through a few older neg pages today and placing them in the exhibition book design "The Photography of Gerry Yaum". Here are some possible photo and layout combos

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Artistic Paper Work

Had a bunch of paper work sent to me from the Art Gallery of Saint Albert 2 days back. The envelope included a contract, insurance form, 2016 Exhibition Catalog and a "Exhibiting Artist Checklist" (for next years exhibition). I have dealt with contracts and insurance forms in past shows but the "Exhibiting Artist: To Do List" is new to me. An abbreviated form of the things I will need to do are (each item has a specific deadline):

- Sign and date 2 copies of Artist/Gallery Agreement.
- Provide the Gallery with 5 updated images.
- Email an updated CV and Artist Statement.
- Gallery may book a Studio visit.
- Artist delivers a mail list (up to 50 addresses) to the Gallery. The Gallery will mail invitations.
- Artist my request invitations for personal use.
- Insurance form must be filled in and delivered to the Gallery.
- Artist is invited to participate in a  media launch for the show with local media.
- Gallery will hold an opening reception and exhibition.

Photo Dedicated Galleries In Canada

Been going through the latest issue of "Canadian Art" which has a focus on photography.
They list notable institutions dedicated to photography to Canada. Give these places a try, lets promote photography everyone!! The list includes:

The West and Prairies
Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver
Gallery 295, Vancouver
PLATFORM Centre, Winnipeg

Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto
Canadian Institute of Photography at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Gallery TPW, Toronto
Gallery 44, Toronto

VU Photo, Quebec City
DAIMNO, Gatineau
Espace F, Mantane
Occurrence, espace d'art et d'essai contemporains, Montreal

Eastern Canada
ViewPoint Gallery, Halifax

Photography Festivals
Capture Photography Festival, Vancouver
Exposure Photography Festival, Edmonton
Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, Toronto
Spark Photo Festival, Peterborough
Photopolis, Halifax

"Healing Process" Exhibition Update Email

Here is the email I received from Jenny at the AGSA today. I think the photo of dad included might have triggered today's dream. There is info and links to the other two artists in the. Please check out their websites if possible.

As you can see this gallery is a step up the ladder, hopefully this will lead to new bigger shows in larger venues. Thanks dad for helping me yet again (my father spent his whole life helping his kids) You let me deal with your loss through the work and now your allowing me to continue to tell the story we created together.

I hope all of you out there in internet land can come and see this exhibition, here are some details on the work and artists.

Dear Darian, Elizabeth, Gerry,
I have had the chance to talk/ meet with you all and thought I would do a virtual introduction so you can see one another’s work that will form the group exhibit that will run from August 3 to September 2, 2017.
As I have discussed with you all the show will involve a medical theme and would examine themes of illness, loss, experiences while in medical care and how the artistic process helps mediate or narrate this difficult time. The working title for the exhibit is “Healing Process”.
As time goes on I’ll work with you each to curate your involvement in the show, the amount of pieces and final selection, as well as ensuring I am able to glean information about the work and your processes so that I am best able to serve the public and provide interpretive information for them.
Here a very short synopsis on each of your work. I have attached links or images accordingly:
Darian Goldin Stahl
·         Darian just finished up her Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking at the University of Alberta and will be based in Montreal later this year working on a PhD in Humanities (Fine Arts) at Concordia University
·         For this group show we will feature Darian’s work “MRI IN USE.”
·         This project focuses on the complex emotions that accompany the patient experience of being scanned. Darian is most interested in the tension between the living, moving, three-dimensional body and the sterile, diminutive internal medical scans. She aim is to restore this fractured sense of identity by joining embodied hospital gown prints with the shadows and movements of gallery attendees to rehumanize the patient experience. This arts-based research is a collaborative cycle of informing and reconstructing identity with her sister, who is a Clinical Bioethicist at Michigan State University and has multiple sclerosis
·         The installation features life-sized photographic prints of standard hospital gowns that are twisted, falling, or crumpled—“a gesture that points to the unease my sister feels while being scanned in the hospital. I then project the resulting medical scan’s text overtop of the printed gowns. Ultimately, the viewers themselves become a part of piece, as their bodies catch the projection, cast shadows over the swaying prints, and act as the human proxy missing from the empty, floating gowns”.
·         We will also potentially incorporate some smaller prints and books
Sima “Elizabeth” Shefrin
·         "Embroidered Cancer Comic is the story of Elizabeth's life with her husband, folk singer Bob Bossin, after his cancer diagnosis
·         The work takes the viewer through the artist's journey with her husband's prostate cancer
·         Statement from Elizabeth on these works: “As soon as we learned that my husband, Bob Bossin had prostate cancer we started making cancer jokes. Every time we laughed, one of us said, “That goes in the comic.” I am a fabric artist so I got out my needle and started stitching”
·         Embracing humour, the artist addresses this challenging subject
Gerry Yaum
·         Gerry is an Edmonton-based social documentary photographer who has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in North America and Thailand
·         In the works we will display at AGSA (My Father’s Last Days), Yaum, photographs and documents the last 13 months his father’s life as he died from pancreatic cancer
·         The works are Silver Gelatin photographs and will be approximately 16x20”
·         Statement from Gerry on these works: “This was our last shared experience, our last time as father and son. These photographs detail my attempt to understand what dad was going through and my way of saying goodbye to him.”
If you would rather I email your contract to you please let me know.
I’m looking forward to working with you all on the show.
J----- W-----M-----
Director/ Curator
Art Gallery of St. Albert
Description: Description: Description: agsa sml logo

Gerry Yaum
Sima “Elizabeth” Shefrin
Darian Goldin Stahl
Note* On a side note, ever notice how many art people have 3 names.

Disturbing Dream

Just woke up, had another rather disturbing dream about my father. Again I was begging him not to die, again, I was crying. This time I had to run to my dads bathroom because I was so upset I felt I was going to throw up. At the end of dream I was in the bathroom on the verge of vomiting, feeling very nauseous, wailing very loudly. Through out all of this dad was sitting in the family with responding. Did I cry that much in real life? Maybe for a time but in the dreams it always seems more intense.

Not sure why the nightmares have started again but they have. I have not even begun printing the photos of my father for the AGSA exhibition yet. Maybe because I have started to receive instructions from the gallery. What is expected and when. Who the other artists in the show are, etc. Maybe seeing all of that over the last few days and thinking more of dad has reawakened the dreams.

I am sure the next year or so, while I work on the exhibition will be very intense and include many more dreams like this.

Will be posting some of that AGSA exhibition info tonight.

Update* Been thinking about the dream and past dreams. The theme of the coming exhibition is how artists deal with loss through their work. I guess for me that process is still ongoing. Heck it might be ongoing for the rest of my life, doubt I will ever stop been involved, stop dreaming of my father. I need to put some of the intensity I feel in these dreams into the photographic prints I am making for the AGSA exhibition. I have to transfer my dream feelings, my inner thoughts into the print that will be hanging on the wall.

Monday, June 27, 2016

More Possible Workshops

Got 2 new possible workshops in the pipeline. Hopefully will have better luck with these versus the last no show dude.

One of the possible students is from Wisconsin in the Eastern States (a very very long drive) and the other is from Calgary. Am not sure either workshop will happen but they might. I am trying to earn some money for my own learning experience, a "Platinum Printing Workshop" that will cost me $1200 Hope this all works out, teaching workshops so I can become a workshop student seems just right. It will be great to learn how to make Platinum prints.

Gosh just think about it, making large multi toned archival platinum prints. Doing super large wet plate photos with May Lee (my 16x20 Chamonix), continuing the joys of social documentary photography.

"Ain't Photography Grand!!", I love it!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bought A Huge 42 Inch (1066mm) Process Lens

Got me a huge, expensive somewhat rare process lens (no shutter) today that will cover 20x24 and larger. The lens is a  Goerz Apochromat Artar Red Dot 42 inch (1066mm) F 14 in like new condition. I paid top dollar for this lens, $1255 USD with an additional $130 USD for shipping and duty. That is a ton of money for a lens without a shutter but the coverage of this thing is amazing. I will have lots of movement possibilities with the 16x20 and it would even work if I shot 20x24 some day (a possibility).

I am happy I have my first true ULF lens, will look to get me a 24 inch or 30 inch Goerz Artar Red Dot in the future. This lens came out of an estate sale. Seems to be another one of those cases where top notch camera gear was not used but instead was gazed at with awe, reverently from a distance. What a waste!! Time to take this sucker out if it's fancy dancy box and try and make some important photos with it. Finally this thing will be used as it was it intended, it will hopefully fulfill its creative destiny! Slum project photos? Buddhism project images ("In Buddha's Path")?  Portraits? I feel happy I now have a high end lens for my 16x20 Chamonix camera, May Lee. The purchase price is difficult to handle but somehow the lens feels just right, this is going to turn out great!

Note* SK Grimes can put this lens into an older Ilex #5 shutter (I think you lose a stop when you do the install). I would have to buy the shutter for another $300+ USD. The machining and work to place the lens in the shutter  would cost upwards of $850 USD.  So were looking at an additional $1200-$1400 USD to add a shutter.

I will start out by using this lens for wetplate work and film photography requiring long exposures of 5-10-20+ seconds. The shutter will be the lens cap, like in olden times. Later on I might upgrade it with the Ilex #5 shutter. This is a huge piece of glass, I wonder how much it weighs?

Note** A lens like this will probably hold its resale value, so that is a nice bonus.
Note ** These Red Dot Artar Apochromat Goerz lens are highly prized by ULF photographers. The auction for this lens had a bit of a feeding frenzy feel with a large group of bidders. There were 53 total bids.

Update** After emailing SK Grimes I learned the cost of the shutter install might be a bit cheaper. I will also get a modified filter attachment done to the lens. I first need to find me a Ilex #5 shutter in good condition before I can send the everything down.

You lose 1 1/2 stops when you do the shutter install. That will make the lens a f16 1/2? something like that, hope its not to dark to compose and focus! Most exposures will no doubt be shot at f45 or smaller (never shot at f128 before!). I will need as much light as possible for composing and focusing the image, a bit worried by f 16/12. ULF is definitely going to be a major challenge. Gosh thou, this is fun! I am so happy I bought my beautiful May Lee (16x20 Chamonix).

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Good And Bad Of The Day

A couple of things good and bad happened today.  First the bad, my workshop dude did not show up AGAIN. Am done with this guy now, gave him 2 chances both times he was a no show. Last time round he said he screwed up the date, today not sure why but he did not attend yet again. Two days ago I emailed him and asked if he was coming and he assured me he was, even asked how many films to bring etc. (for the developing as part of the darkroom workshop). Why do people say they will do stuff and then not do it? That is not in my make up, when I say I will do something I almost always do it. If you do not want to do something that's fine but do not lead other people on, tell them the truth and stay true to your commitments.

The little bit of a good thing that happened today is I received this email, it seems legit (photo scouts?) :
 Dear Gerry Yaum,
One of our photo scouts alerted us to your work. It seems to fit with the theme of sexual and gender diversity which is the focus of Pride Photo Award. Please allow us to inform you about the possibility of entering any recent work that's on topic, in the 2016 Pride Photo Award contest.
Pride Photo Award is an annual, international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity. Photographers can register and submit their photos until July 5th. An international jury of photography experts will select the winners in each of the four categories and one overall winner who will receive the Pride Photo Award 2016.
The Award winner will be invited to fly to Amsterdam for the opening weekend of the central exhibition. Attached you will find the Call for Entries for more information about the contest. Additional information can be found on our website:
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards,
The Pride Photo Award Team
This looks like an honest request so I will probably follow through on it and submit some work. As a rule I NEVER enter contests or do submissions to galleries that require a paid fee. I checked this contests rules and there is no fee/no payment so it looks like a go ahead type of thing. I will give it a try, see what happens. Who knows I might end up going to Amsterdam where I could visit the Van Gogh and Rembrandt museums (which would be awesome!).

Note* I have never liked the idea of paying money to have people consider your work, it seems to be a bit of a bribe. Did they like my work? Or did I buy my way in? Is the contest/gallery a scam or the real thing? Is it a money grab? Do they only earn money buy requesting people to submit work. Are they true lovers of art or con artists? The contest-gallery folks always rationalize the payment as necessary for overhead cost reasons. It just seems wrong to me on many levels, so I never enter those pay to enter thingys. For example, there is an annual "Exposure Photography Festival" gallery opportunity here in Edmonton that I never enter for that very reason. I want to be part of  that show but not if I have to pay-bribe my way in. If you want to show the work fine, if you want me to pay to show the work, not fine.

I would rather use that money to buy film and make extra pictures! : ))

Note** Please if anyone reading this has work that fits the themes of this important contest, subject matter, JOIN IN, make a submission.
Update* This contest seems to be a major player with a jury from organizations like the New York Times and The New Yorker etc. Some study, thought and work needs to into this on my part to get it right.

Bought A New Process Lens With Shutter

I bought a new process lens combined with shutter. The lens is a Ilex Paragon process lens in a No. 4 Acme Synchro shutter, 21 1/4 inch, F/10 (12.5 with shutter). I know the Paragon Process covers up to 14x17 and might do 16x20. Online the lens gets very good reviews. I am not sure this is a great buy but it might turn out that way. The lens/shutter with shipping to Canada cost $335 USD.

The seller of this lens is a landscape photographer who happily used this lens for 30 years. It is reputed to be very sharp (online claim) with very larger coverage. The 21 1/4 inches makes it about a 530 lens.

Note* The only issue with this cheaper lens/shutter combo is that the B/T shutter settings require careful operation. I will have to figure out the best way to do long exposures, which I will not doubt be doing extensively with this lens and ULF shooting. A photographer I admire who is a ULF shooter, Alan King out of Calgary has told me that the average shutter speed he uses is around 10 seconds.

Ilex Paragon Process lens with Acme Synchro shutter

Poem: "First They Came" By Pastor Martin Niemölle

Here is an rather famous Anti Nazi poem I learned for today. This poem is very relevant to what is currently happening in the USA, Europe and elsewhere. Fear of the other, fear of those that are different than you, immigrants, other religions, people with different cultures, languages and skin colour. We all need to fight bigotry, nativism, homophobia, misogyny and racial prejudice.
First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist
Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist
Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist
Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew
Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me.

Quote: Tom Perez (US Labor Secretary)

"History will soon ask where we were in the face of unrelenting attacks on immigrants, unrelenting attacks on our Muslim brothers and sisters, unrelenting attacks on voting rights. History will ask if you spoke up for the rights of people who didn't look like you," 

120mm "Forgotten Laughter" Shots #6

Another 10-120mm shots:

Young girl working the dump garbage, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016
Birthday boy in the dump wearing Thanaka, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Chamiko crying in the dump, Version #1, Mae Sot Thailand April-May 2016
Boy sleeping under mosquito netting in the dump, Mae Sot Thailand April 2016
Man with his home across from the dump, Mae Sot Thailand April 2016
Young girl sitting in a dump shelter waiting for her mother, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Smiling boy in the dump, Mae Sot April-May 2016
Man outside his dump home, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Man getting water from dump well, Mae Sot Thailand May 2016
Chamiko crying in the dump, Version #1, Mae Sot April-May 2016