Sunday, May 31, 2015


It was a poor week biking wise. I only did one shorter ride earlier in the week and one tonight when I did 21.4KM over a 1 hour and 1 minute ride. Earlier in the week I did play a physically taxing round of golf which put me in the sore body category for two or three days. I need to do more thou, more but not so much that I hurt myself! People have started telling me I have lost weight so I guess I am on the right track. Back to work tomorrow night where I can do my push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, stairs etc.

Anyway the physical fitness progress is slow but study. My trip is 5 months away, I need to get in proper condition to be able to create the work I hope to create.

Photo Idea: Wacky Stereo Camera Photo Show?!

Have had a weird and wacky idea over the last few weeks. A exhibition of large Stereographic photos! The idea would to shoot stereo images with some kind of stereo camera, then enlarge them big. I would show the work in an exhibition with some kind of stereo viewer device. Separate eyeglasses? A frame mounted super viewer of some kind? That the person would just up to and and look through? Some kind of plastic plastic box handheld type viewer. Not sure how any of it would work. I just think it would be a lot of fun and could produce a fun show. As always more WACKY thought needed on this possible project.

Update: Just had another idea variation for this possible project. What about doing the work digitally? Fuji has a 3D digital camera, maybe other manufacturers have them as well. If I did the photos digitally then the way to view things could be on a large screen 3D screen (viewers could wear the 3D glasses). I could just do up a slide show of 40-50 images or so and have people stand in front of a TV with glasses and see everything in 3 dimensions. It might be an interesting show dynamic to have something like that, thou I am guessing the older analog style of doing it might be more fun for folks.

Looked At A 11x14 Camera As Well

I also looked at a 11x14 camera my photo buddy was selling. The thing was fricking huge. It is one of those cameras that would be nice to have but I am unsure of how practical it would be. I would only be able to shoot it in Canada, probably only in studio. The camera does not fold up smaller and has no tripod, holders etc. The asking price is around $1300 CAD, which is probably to much to pay especially after I bought the expensive Makina 67 and the expensive Graflex Super D recently. Will continue to think about this camera, there would be no added shipping, GST or duty charges on it.

11x14 Studio Camera, $1300 CAD

Held A Graflex RB Super D 4x5

I had the chance to hold and play with a Graflex 4x5 Super D today. I visited a photo buddy from one of my former photo groups, who let me handle his Graflex and took me through the working of the camera. These cameras are little gems, really beauties. The camera is lighter, smaller and much more functional as photographic instruments than I expected. I love the mirror SLR feature with a 4x5. You can focus down to 19 1/2 inches which is pretty awesome with the 190mm F5.6 Ektar lens.

If I can handhold these things, and get reasonably sharp images at F5.6, I am taking this baby to Thai next trip! This will be another camera to carry but I was so impressed with this tool that I am pretty sure I can make strong photos with it. The oops camera buying mistake I made is seeming less and less so. I would probably have saved big maybe $5-600 CAD if I had bought locally from the same photo buddy (he had one to sell) but I think I will get good use out of the one from the states as long as it is fully operational. In the pictures the one from the states seemed to be in better overall condition, a Graflex film back was also included ($80-$100 CAD).

I love the fact you can handhold and see exactly what your shooting till exposure with the SLR mirror. Because I can focus closer, I will be able to do heads with this camera. Heads that can be shot on the fly in tough conditions like the dump.

One thing that worries me is the sharpness of the lens, and hand holding at the slower shutters. Can I hand hold this at 1/30 or 1/60 of a second and get a sharp photo? Doubtful. I am also worried that a camera I paid $1227 CAD for will have some kind of functional problem. I could have gotten a slightly more beat up Graflex RB Super D locally for $625 that is a 100% working camera.

Human Dignity And Strength

" The important thing is, you have to have something to say about the world."
Paul Strand

Looking at the work of Paul Strand again, I find so much human dignity and strength in his photographs. When I watched "The Salt of the Earth" with Larry this week it was the same thing with Salgado's work. Mary Ellen Mark also showed the beauty and power of people as did Lewis Hine and Eugene Smith.

That is what I must continue to strive to do with my photography. Show the complexities of mankint, their strengths and weaknesses. I never tire of meeting and being with people, of making their photographs and trying to tell their stories. Mankind, their lives, their humanity, that is what I must continue to photograph. I need to keep at it as long as I can.

Here is a link to a wonderful documentary on Paul Strand "Under the Dark Cloth". I have this film on DVD and have watched it several times.
"Under the Dark Cloth" Part 1

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Links: Afghan Instant Box Cameras

Here are a bunch of links to more instant box cameras used by Afghan photographers.

Afghan box camera. com

Afghan box camera project videos on Vimeo

Rohullah with son and box camera by Josh Valcarcel

Link: Super Cool Homemade Instant Box Camera

I found this fascinating and very cool. Joe Van Cleave designed, built and shoots his own instant box camera. These types of cameras have been around for 100 years but they are dying out. I love the devotion and ingenuity of JVC and his camera.
Check out his fun video.

Paul Strand Shoots A Graflex

One of my all time favourite photographers, Paul Strand used a Graflex. I love Strand's portraiture. I knew he used a 5x7 Graflex that he cropped on the ground glass to 5x6 (his preferred format size) but in one of these photos he is also using what looks to me like a 4x5 Graflex. I found one link that says he also used a 8x10 Graflex.

I keep reading and hearing how great these camera's are for portraiture, maybe I stumbled onto something here. If I can do good handheld 4x5 portraits, buying this camera could turn out great. I might be able to use this camera through out Asia. Strand traveled the world with his 5x7 Graflex, why can't I do Asia with my 4x5? Will see how it goes, but I am definitely more and more excited, after researching Graflex's history, operation and seeing the pictures made with them.

Here are some links to a Strand retrospective:
Paul Strand Modern Master Of Photography, Exhibition Trailer

Update: found this on, thanks Mark.

Mark Sampson, Sep 29, 2003; 08:25 a.m.
Paul Strand used a 5x7 Home Portrait Graflex. He masked the film gate and ground glass down to about 5x6" to achieve his idea of perfect image proportions.
5x7 Graflex Home Portrait SLR, 1912-1942
Paul Strand with Graflex, 5x7?
Paul Strand with Graflex
Paul Strand with Graflex, 5x7?
Paul Strand with 4x5 or smaller Graflex
Portrait by Paul Strand
Strand's 5x7 Graflex with Goerz Dagor lens


Everything seems so hollow without dad. I want to tell him his picture is going to be shown at the Calgary and Edmonton Jubilee's. I want to talk to him about things happening at work. I want to hear his stories, and see him smile. It is all too late now, all too far away, things matter less. I still cannot believe he is gone. There is an empty space that cannot be filled. I should have been a better son to him.

You Gotta Love Leica Rangefinders

Of all the cameras I have and, and I have many my favourites are my Leica 35mms. The last cameras I would ever give up would be the Leica M6s and their great, sharp, fast lens. Truly beautiful tools.

Maybe I should dump all my other gear and just shoot my Leica's I think I am really starting to talk the talk with these tools. The cameras seem like they are becoming extensions of my thought process. That's the goal right? To put your thoughts, your feelings on film, your hear and emotions on film.

Leica and Tri-x in D-76, a staple combination for decades of strong photojournalism!!

I need to do more work with Tri-x pushed to 800 and given STAND development. It creates a haunted strong effect, that leads to compelling photographs. For years I was afraid to shoot Tri-x pushed, but now I need to go forward in that manner, unafraid.

Printing Dad In Sunlight

Am back in the darkroom tonight (finally!). I am working on the dad stripped light portrait. I will need 2 of these as both the Open Alberta 2015 exhibition and my Rosebud exhibition will need prints. I was hoping I could use the same print in both shows but they overlap so I need to print, mount and frame 2 photographs.

I have 2 prints made up so far, but need to refine and continue to print the image until I get it just right. I have a print that is dry in the darkroom now, I will go back and see how I can improve on it. Trying not to use up to much photo paper but I need to get this pic just right. It is a difficult neg to print as it has deep thin shadow areas and blown out over exposed sections where the beams of light are hitting dads face and the pillow behind him. I want to keep the bright contrast range of the image, yet bring down the highlights some what but not too much. I think the contrasty high key parts of the photo are quite strong, where its strength lies, so I do not want to lose them.

Here is a photo of the 3rd attempt I have made with negative at the 16x20 size. I did one a few weeks back and 2 more tonight. I will probably make up 2 or 3 more tonight, I think I am close to getting the image I envisioned. I printed the highlights on the face down with a mask and a lower grade filter. The print received a grade 3 filter, the mask and highlights a grade 1 filter burn.

Update* I ended up printing 2 more of these photos. I think I got the 2 prints I need now for the 2 shows. If I need one more I can print it up fairly easy as I have the masks cut and have the exposures figured out. I will move onto another dad neg for the Rosebud show next. I think one of the tight movement emotion photos from the dad magazine.
Flipping Through Dad Magazine

Dad in the barred light and blanket, he looks trapped in his body. A sad and difficult image for me to print.

Link: Detailed Story On Photojournalist Fred Tonne

I found this story on Mr. Tonne as well, his work in Vietnam is highlighted as well as one of his Leica's, a black paint Leica M2. You got to love a photographer who shoots Leica's! The collectors love for camera's is also so compelling.

Fred Tonne black paint Leica M2, photos by Bellamy

Link: My Graflex Belonged To Photojournalist Fred Tonne

The Graflex RB 4x5 Super D I bought this week belonged to Fred Tonne, who worked for the Milwaukee Journal Newspaper. Fred's estate has been sold bit by bit on Ebay after he passed away back sometime in 2012-2013. I have been trying to do more some research on him, I found this photo, I think Fred is the older man sitting down. He had a long career as a photojournalist including working in Vietnam. The Graflex I bought was a camera he used for his personal photos, it was not a press camera.

I hope I can continue to make strong photos with Fred's camera. I am sure he did some good photography with it, now it is my turn.
August 2011

Friday, May 29, 2015

Epitath? "Ain't Photography Grand!"

Am thinking (not sure yet) of using the "Ain't Photography Grand!" thingy as a epitaph to put on my gravestone. I might be buying the stone early (hopefully early!!) in the next year or so. I have a grave already next to my father and mother but still need to buy the stone. These things are very expensive and I figure why not buy it early to save money, later on it might cost $2-300 or more.

Seeing your name on a grave might also INSPIRE and DRIVE you.  It might help me push myself to use the time I have left better, more productively. Seeing my name there on that black marbel with everything but the death date on it should be pretty freaky deaky! It will tell me. Time is running out Gerry! Time is running out!! Get your ass in gear!!!

I will have my real  name and also my photo name GERRY YAUM on the monument (they call them that at the cemetery stone store, sounds so grand!). I decided it was proper to put 2 names on the stone just in case someday someone wants to find either of the names I use. My father had 2 first names, he put both on his stone so I am following his lead there.

Old Brass Barrel Lens?

A few years back I bought an old brass barrel style lens for around $600. The lens is quite big, it is supposed to easily cover 4x5 (maybe even 8x10). I have never used this thing, why not attach it to a lens board and use it with the Graflex Super D?

Today online I found a similar set up of a brass barrel lens with a Graflex Series D camera. If this guy did it why not me? The Graflex has a focal plane shutter that operates from 1/30 to 1/1000 and also has an open setting so I should be able to make pictures with my old barrel (no shutter) lens in available light. It might be a fun thing to try with my Asian portraits, I just need to get me a wooden lens board that will work with the camera. Ebay has several types of lens board options available.

Here is the online adapted-rebuilt Graflex series D camera with brass lens:

Update: I just cleaned and took a new look at my brass lens, its a 10 inch (250mm) but smaller than the one in the photos, so I think this should work size wise. I have the flange also so just need the lens board to screw it into. I am not sure about focusing or bellows extension total length with the Graflex Super D but I am hopeful this will work. If it works this will give me photo options I have never had before.

If I said it once, I said it a thousand times "Ain't Photography Grand!"

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Starting To Get Excited About The Graflex

It is strange but the camera that was an Oops is starting to get me excited. The more I read about this tool online, the more making pictures with it seems feasible. I am reading the 190mm Ektar lens is sharp and is coated producing decent contrast. The camera is supposed to be slow but efficient and very reliable to use (using the handle is like carrying a toolbox). Many great images have been made with Graflex's, and the RB 4x5 Super D is supposed to be the best Graflex ever made. This last Graflex has many features the earlier ones did not have like the ability to compose and focus your picture and the widest aperture before automatically stopping down to the selected f-stop at exposure.

If others created strong photos with their Graflex why can't I make good or even great photos with mine? Anything is possible! I would be shooting at wide apertures (f5.6?) with very limited depth of field, creating strong bokeh and a unique look. Maybe this camera will become a top tool in my repertory of cameras. I have many many cameras to choose from but maybe this one will be a top 5 choice. It should certainly create a very unique negative. A hand held 4x5 shot with strong bokeh, sounds wonderful for portraiture. Maybe I can even make some tintypes of the images in my darkroom later on.

There is also something really beautiful in using a camera that many of my idols used and loved. It is like a I am continuing to carry the torch that they held up so proudly, following a wonderful tradition.

Can't wait to get the camera and start shooting, anything is possible!

"Ain't Photography Grand!"

Quote: Dorothea Lange

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."

Shooting The Graflex RB 4x5 Super D Possible?

I am getting the feeling that as long as the camera is operational (shutter?), this thing might be a possible shooting camera. One of the features that I like so far about the images I have seen made with this camera 190mm lens combination is the bokeh (there is that word again!). The possible close up handheld focusing on 4x5 sheet film is also intriguing. Who knows buying this thing may not be a mistake, sometimes your own incompetence can result in good photography.

Maybe my goal should be to try to get a exhibition made of negs shot entirely with this camera, that might be cool! What about something different (for me) and simple like landscape tree shots.

Here are some more photos I found made with a Graflex RB 4x5 Super D online:

Link to the site below by photographer Don Lam:

Note* The Graflex RB made photos below are by Don Lam.

The camera has a max focal plane shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second.
Close up had held portraits possible? Tripod needed?

"Migrant Mother" Shot With A Graflex

Well you learn something everyday, it turns out Dorothea Lange did use her Graflex to shoot one of the most famous photos in photgraphic history, "Migrant Mother". I saw a original print (a bit soft) of this photograph when I was in San Francisco a few years ago at the Pier 24 gallery show.

Wouldn't it be cool if I could shoot an important mother and child photo at the dump or elsewhere with my Graflex? That would be really beautiful. Hope this new (very very old) camera functions properly, I want to try!

Links with info on the famous Dorothea Lange photograph:

Migrant Mother" Florence Owens Thompson 32, Feb/March 1936 by Dorothea Lange 

People Shooting Their Graflex

Here are some shots of famous and not so famous photographers with these rather large and strange looking cameras! Starting with the great Dorothea Lange, I wonder if she shot the great "Migrant Mother" image with a Graflex?

Dorothea Lange
Younger Dorotheo Lange shooting Graflex
Airplane photographer WWII
Young child with large Graflex
Sailor with a Graflex
Baseball player with a very large Graflex (5x7?)

Link: Alfred Stielglitz's RB 4x5 Graflex Camera

Here is a photo and a link to Alfred Stieglitz's Graflex, it looks like an older version than mine. Notice his camera handle opens on the front of the focusing chimney not the back.

Link to a Stieglitz site:

Link to a page discussing Alfred Stieglitz's equivalent series of photographs:
Inner design of a Graflex, these things are really big SLR cameras.
Alfred Stieglitz with his Graflex
Alfred Steiglitz shooting his Graflex, taking his Equivalents?
Stieglitz's beautiful Graflex

Large Worlds Versus Small Worlds

After seeing the larger than life Salgado documentary movie yesterday along with reviewing the large world that Mary Ellen Mark inhabited, life here in Edmonton seems so tiny. I had a rather intense email discussion recently with a fellow I went to high school with. His life is sort of by the books almost a snapshot of the the ideal 50s TV show lifestyle. He has a good job as a teacher, he has 2 children and had a wife (divorced), he works, he spends time with his family and he watches hockey and movies. That's about it! I guess to many that is an ideal type life, the normal life. Your born, you go to school, you get a job, you marry, you have kids, you are happy in your marriage or you get divorced, you get old, you become a grand dad, suffer a few years in advanced old age, then you die. That's basically how those things go. There has to be more to life than that? Doesn't there? It just seems all so small, so small world, compared to the lives of Salgado or Mark.

The ideal to me seems to be to try to live a larger than life, life. Even if you fall on your ass your still going to see things and experience things few of your peers do. Imagine what things Salgado has seen in his life, or Mary Ellen Mark, wow, those experiences those lives that's really living a large life. Those two have gone beyond the small world, average Joe existence. Gone beyond the by the books rather simple and boring lives of most folks live. They have pushed the envelope, lived life to its fullest!!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The 5 "My Fathers Last Days" Photos Submitted

Here are the 5 photos of dad I submitted to "Open Image 2015". They chose the second shot with the beams of venetian blinds light on dads face. This photograph was made in the final days of dads life, he saw the picture before he died, as I had made up a 11x14 shot of it and showed him it. I said before handing it to him " I like the eye in this photo" dad said "What eye?" I showed him and he said something like "Oh yeah!" I think the photo was made about 4 or 5 days before dad died and I showed it to him about 2 days before he passed. Dad was lucid up to his last day, his eyes got a little bigger and he had stopped eating at the end but his mind was still very clear.

Sometimes when you make an extra effort it comes back and rewards you with a good photograph. I came in that day while dad was in his hospital bed with only 10 minutes or less before I had to rush to work. I helped mom do something for dad and I was out of time. Just then thou I saw mom playing with the venetian blinds and the way the light fell on dads face. I ran out to the car, got my 35mm Leica and made the photograph before kissing dad on the forehead and running off to work. I was a few minutes late for work that night and I am never late, I hate being late with a passion but I knew even then it was worth it. I knew the extra effort I made had resulted in an important photography. Now that photograph will hang not only in Rosebud Alberta but also in the Northern and Southern Jubilee Auditoriums. Now dad can live on through this work. Who knows maybe someday that photograph will be collected and hang in an important museum.

Dad would also be happy that I am getting paid to show his photograph, it is like another $135 gift from my father. I will have to go down to his grave soon with the bike and tell him what happened.

Acceptance Letter For Open Image 2015 Exhibition

Got a nice acceptance letter from the VAAA people today. One of the of the photos from "My Fathers Last Days" was accepted. This open photo exhibition is getting a bit more profitable. I think its a mixture of photographs and visual graphic arts now, so the competition is a bit tougher than it used to be. They are going to pay me $135 for this show, which is almost as much as I earned for my entire one man show in the same Kaasa Gallery, for that exhibition I earned $200.

I think this is the 4th or 5th time I have been in the Alberta Photo Open, lost count now. It is always a nice outing, you get to hang with other photographers, eat some good food in a nice venue and chill! I can use that $135 for my $1267 Graflex RB 4x5 camera.

The best thing about this is that one of dads images gets to hang at both the Northern and Southern Jubilee Auditoriums, I am sure dad would be happy and proud of that. Even thou my father is gone, he continues to live on, such is the power and beauty of photography.

Here is their nice acceptance letter. Aren't all acceptance letters nice? Yes they're all nice!

Note* This gallery submission was the easiest kind, via email!
May 27, 2015


CONGRATULATIONS! On behalf of Visual Arts Alberta - CARFAC, I am pleased to advise you that you have been selected by the jury for the Open Image 2015 exhibition scheduled to run from late August to end November in the Northern and Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.  Actual opening and exhibition dates for both venues will be confirmed in a later email.

Nearly 200 images were submitted by 40 artists with 29 images selected by 20 artists to be shown in the exhibition. I am pleased to advise you that the jury selected the following image(s) from your submission

​Dad with pancreatic cancer #2

Visual Arts Alberta - CARFAC and/or the Northern/Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium will provide  
​insurance while the work is in the possession of Visual Arts Alberta - CARFAC  or the Auditorium galleries as well as email invitations, printed posters, press releases, and food and refreshments for the opening reception(s).

All participating artists will receive an artist fee of $135.00 for participating in this exhibition.
Visual Arts Alberta - CARFAC looks forward to the exhibiting artists’ attendance at the opening.

Please fill out the attached Artist Contract and bring in with your artwork(s).

As to presentation of work, we ask that the artist keep in mind that the hanging system consists of using wires/chains to hang the work and not screws/nails into the walls. 

Artists are responsible for transportation of the work(s) to and from the Visual Arts Alberta Gallery in Edmonton. If using a courier, Visual Arts Alberta - CARFAC agrees to pay for the return of the artwork(s) if packaged and delivered by an economical courier (e.g.: Greyhound). The artwork(s) should be dropped off on or before 4 p.m. on Friday, August 7th, 2015.  Visual Arts Alberta Gallery is open Wednesday to Friday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Saturday from noon - 4 p.m.

For this exhibition, Visual Arts Alberta - CARFAC encourages that all art works are offered for sale. Sales coordinated through Visual Arts Alberta- CARFAC are subject to a 10% administration fee. If preferable, artists can choose to have Visual Arts Alberta - CARFAC give out their contact information to potential clients in order to facilitate private sales.

Once again, congratulations, and thank you for your submission. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ---------or toll free at -----------. 

Best regards,

My Ever First Birdie!

Today in golf after a 12 1/2 hour sleep and no breakfast I shot the best round of my life! I was only playing a par 3 course but I managed to hit my first ever birdie, the first of my lifetime. On the par 3 156 yard 6th hole I hit a 5 hybrid just off the green, I and then holed out a 20-25 footer off the pin and in with the putt.

There were a number of birdie attempts on the day, many 4s a few 3s and no worse than a 5. I think on the day I must have hit more than 5 greens maybe as many as 7 which is very good for me. Probably played 27+ holes as I was often playing 2 and even 3 balls. A great workout, I am quite sore right now. Tomorrow need to get back on the bike thou and do 20km plus. Every bit helps me get into better shape for the coming Asian trip.

*After the game went to a local Thai restaurant and had some food, spoke Thai to the waitress who was from Issan province in Thailand. She was quite excited that I knew the area she lived and spoke some Thai. Language ability is always a great way to make friends.

Oops! Just Paid $1267 For A Camera!

For a guy who stopped buying cameras I sure am buying a shit load of cameras! Ok that's it got to take a few years off on the camera buying thingy.

I just bought a Graflex RB 4x5 in great condition, it will cost me $1267 CAD. This is probably more of a toy to look at, a historical camera to put on a shelf and hold as a collectors item more than an actually shooting camera. Buying this was probably a mistake, not sure. I have a friend here in town who shoots one so maybe that is an option. It is also a camera that Edward Weston, Alfred Stieglitz, Dorothea Lange and the all time great Lewis Hine shot with. Maybe I can shoot it too!

Still a ton of bills to pay now, for the Makina 67, the Nikonos V and now the Graflex RB 4x5.  I hope I get my tax refund I need it!

OK Gerry no more cameras, time to start saving again for the November Asian Trip. Enough of this camera buying shit!

Below are the photos of my new (very old, 1930s?) Graflex RB 4x5.

Note* The grafmatic film back is also included in the auction, tho if I do not use the camera that is one hell of an expensive back! I use the grafmatic backs with my Linhof camera and Dean Jones Banarama Polaroid conversion 4x5 camera.

Note** I am in a bit of shock that I won this camera, that I own this camera. I put a max bid of $861 USD on this camera and got it for that price. With shipping and duty it works out to $1267 CAD.

Update* I have been doing research to try and figure out how old my camera is. The original new date I was finding was 1952, the latest info I can find says these cameras the Graflex RB 4x5 Super Series D were made from 1941-1963. If that is true and I have a 1960s version, thats not too old! Another site said this about these cameras, hope it is true! Especially #4!

Update** The latest I am reading on the manufacture dates for this camera are between 1948-1958.
The 4 x 5 inch Super D was manufactured from 1948 up till 1958 basically equipped with the semi automatic diaphragm 152 mm Kodak Ektar lens or the Kodak Ektar  190 mm - f=5,6.


    This type of shutter is so-called because it operates close to the focal plane of the lens (the location of the film). Its principal advantages are:
    1. ready interchangeability of lenses,
    2. high efficiency,
    3. ability to produce extremely short exposures, and
    4. long, trouble-free life.
I got the shutter info from the site linked below. They also have an instruction manual for the camera, you got to love the internet! You can learn anything.

Links: The Great Mary Ellen Mark Passes Away

Sad news, the great photographer Mary Ellen Mark has died, she was only 75. Her book "Falkland Road" which deals with brothel life on Falkland Road in Bombay was a huge inspiration for me. She also did a  wonderful series of photographs of Seattle street life and a follow updocumentary film called "Street Life". Her work will continue to live on, she touched so many lives in so many ways. After a very good day I feel so down now, goodbye MEM, rest in peace. Thank you so much for the gift of photographs you gave us.

Here is a link to the book "Falkland Road"

A wonderful artist talk by Mary Ellen Mark, of her life's work:

Another strong artist talk:

A small gallery of her photographs:

Emine posing, Trabzon Turkey, 1965 by Mary Ellen Mark

Haiku: By Basho

Never forget
The lonely taste
Of the white dew.

Link: The Growling Wolf!

Recently I got turned onto the music of Tom Waits. I saw him singing on one of the last David Letterman shows and went down to the library and picked up 3 of his Cd's, great stuff. I have never heard anyone sing like Waits before, he sounds like a compassionate growling wolf! His lyrics have so much meaning, and his very unique voice so much life experience in it.

One of the great joys of working in the darkroom is the opportunity it affords me to listen to wonderful music Mr. Wait is on the agenda for tomorrow!

This is the broadcast that turned me onto Waits:

Links: Night Out With Larry

I had a nice night out with my friend Larry tonight. We went down to a local theatre, had Vietnamese noodles then watched the film "The Salt Of The Earth". The movie was a documentary on the life of Sebastiao Salgado, our hero! "Salt of the Earth" gets 8.4 on the Internet Movie Data Base site (IMDB).

Here is the trailer for the movie, it was remarkable:

The movie was very inspiring, what an amazing human being Salgado is. After watching the film all I wanted to do was make pictures!! Going to take a nap then get up tomorrow morning and PRINT!

Sebastiao Salgado from "The Salt of the Earth" 2015