Thursday, May 18, 2017

Exhibition Magazine, Version #2

I am working on a still larger version of my exhibition magazine. The first version I will use for the quickly approaching "Trumpet" exhibition. This newer improved and larger magazine I will display at "Healing Process".  Because "Healing Process" is about my father and our photos I put dad on the front and back covers of this version of the mag. I have added many photos and tried to tone the contrast level of many of the exhisting shots. The blurb printing process for their magazines accentuates contrast, I needed to tone my scans-files down as much as I could to try to compensate for that.

Note* My new HP Elitebook computer is a joy to use for projects like this. I can bring it to the guardhouse along with a large external hard drive of photographs and work away during my shift between patrols and other duties. I hope it works as well for the video editing-film making I plan to do in Asia. So far I am lovin this computer, and am quite happy I bought it.

Possible cover for exhibition magazine 2