Thursday, May 25, 2017

Prints Dropped Off For The "Trumpet" Exhibition

I dropped off my 5 framed photographs and my exhibition magazine along with some cards at Latitude 53 this afternoon. All went well. It is a large gallery space with a kind and friendly staff. My only worry is that I printed too dark for the galleries lighting.

I also dropped off the Blurb exhibition magazine version #1 that I made up.  Hopefully it can be viewed by the gallery visitors during the "Trumpet" exhibitions run. Version #2 is still in production and will be a bit less contrasty with many more photos. especially from the series ?My Fathers Last Days"/

Note* I plan on using these same scanned jpegs for the PowerPoint artist talk presentation I am also working on. I found out today from a friend Joanna, who is an excellent computer design person, that they are more than large enough jpeg files to project.

Note** I offered to "fill spaces" at the gallery with extra 16x20 "Families of the Dump" black framed pictures. Doubt that offer will be accepted thou, it does not hurt to try. :)