Tuesday, December 31, 2013

November Trip Scans 5

Man sleeping in dump with flies,"Families of the Dump" Series, Thailand 2013
Khune Ooh with her pet dog Khune Anapon "People Who Live Under The Freeway" Series, Thailand 2013
Under the freeway Khune Anapon "People Who Live Under The Freeway" Series, Thailand 2013
Campsite "Street Kid" Series, Katmandu Nepal 2013
Child, mother and woman "Brick Makers"Series, Nepal 2013
Katmandu Nepal 2013
Katmandu Nepal 2013
Woman walking  1 "Landless People" Series, Kathmandu Nepal
Temple Bricks "Landless People" Series, Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Man on street 1,  Katmandu Nepal 2013
Man on street 2,  Katmandu Nepal 2013
Man on street 3,  Katmandu Nepal 2013
Woman walking 2 "Landless People" Series, Kathmandu Nepal
Landscape "Brick Makers"Series, Nepal 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

November Trip Scans 4

Some more scans from the recent developed films. Some of the top pictures are from the "Migrant Farm Workers" and "Brick Workers"Series, which I shot for a total of 1/2 a day! Giving both these projects a series title based on so little work might be a bit pretentious on my part but heck I got to be that way some time,  sometimes you just got to act all ARTY FARTY. I found a hotel in the area I can stay at if I want to continue the work in the future, possibly using a 5x7 to make more formal portraits along with the Leica's used in these photos. Maybe I can go back there next year at the same time to photograph  both the migrant farmers and the brick workers. The rest of the photos in this blog are a continuation of the "Families of the Dump" series (might change that name yet!).

Lady migrant farm worker in temporary home "Farm Workers' Series, Nepal 2013
Brick factory buildings "Brick Workers" Series, Nepal 2013 
   Young boy working in the dump 2 "Families of the Dump" Series, Thailand 2013
Young boy working in the dump 1 "Families of the Dump" Series, Thailand 2013
Young boy walking in the dump 1"Families of the Dump" Series, Thailand 2013
Young boy working in the dump  3 "Families of the Dump" Series, Thailand 2013
Dump dogs 2 "Families of the Dump Series, Thailand 2013
Working in the dump 615am 1 "Families of the Dump Series, Thailand 2013
Child and mother  "Families of the Dump Series, Thailand 2013
Working in the dump 615am 2 "Families of the Dump Series, Thailand 2013
Boy with bicycle 1 "Families of the Dump Series, Thailand 2013 
Recycling food at the dump 1 "Families of the Dump Series, Thailand 2013
Recycling food at the dump 2 "Families of the Dump Series, Thailand 2013
Working families in the dump "Families of the Dump Series, Thailand 2013
   Young boy carrying on head "Families of the Dump" Series, Thailand 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Developed More Film

Did a bunch more film developing over the last 2 days, 24 rolls today and 8 the day before. I will do some scanning this week and post the new photos when I can. I must have around half of last trips film developed now, am looking forward to printing this work. Hopefully some of these photographs will be shown somewhere in the next 2 years or so. I got to get a show for them first, so far my attempts at another show have yielded nothing but rejections. These new negs will be added to future submission packages.

Gosh I wish I was making pics tomorrow somewhere in Asia instead of going to work as Mr. Guard. I am running out of sand in the old hour glass, time is ticking, got to get the work done.

"Ain't Photography Grand!"

Saturday, December 28, 2013

November Trip Scans 3

Here are the latest scans from the November trip. The "Street Kids Series" was shot over a couple of days in Kathmandu with local kids who slept on the street, did drugs and hustled for money from local tourists. I only photographed the kids for a few days I wish I had done more work with them, learned more about their lives.

Here is a blog entry about the first time I met the street kids.


Girl showing her favourite picture "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Boy Pissing "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Sleeping Group "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Group of boys 1 "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Group of boys 2 "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Group of boys 3 "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Group of boys 4 "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Drugged boy with dog "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Girl with boyfriend and other both "Street Kids Series", Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Group of boys 5 "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Scared boy with dog 1"Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Sniffing drugs (glue?) "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Standing with friend "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Scared boy with dog 2 "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013

Video: Doo-Aye And Friends

This video is of the sweet young girl Doo-Aye who I photographed last trip with her younger brother and now this time with many of her friends. This last trip I was handing out free small colour snapshots to everyone, which put all the families members especially the younger folks in the mood to pose.

Video: Counting 1,2,3 In The Dump

Here is a cute little video of me counting 1,2,3 with some young boys in the dump. I notice I make lots of grunting noises when I bend over or crouch down in these vids, I must be becoming a OLD MAN! I am 49 going on 79!

Video: Raw Footage, Making Pictures At The Dump

Here is a very raw and shaky bit of video I shot as I was making still shots with the Leica. I just have the digi camera running as I am changing and shooting 35mm film so the video is rather bumpy, badly composed and very raw. The young boy at the beginning had just  been punished by his older brother for something bad he had done, the older children in a Burmese family often have much more responsibilities than in Western families, they are like a second set of parents.

Video: Raw Footage Of "The Train Is Coming" Exhibition Opening Night

Here is some lighter video, a short raw footage clip of some of the folks at my show from earlier this year at the Kaasa Gallery in Edmonton. The show was a series of portraits and documentary photographs made in Klong Toey slum in Bangkok titled "The Train is Coming: Portraits From Klong Toey Slum, Bangkok Thailand."

Video: Preparing Food In The Dump

A video shot in May at the dump, will catch up with the November videos later. In this video a young teenage boy is frying eggs or his families breakfast and a young girl (his sister) is cleaning a pail of a type of insect (similar looking to a cockroach but not a cockroach) that is either eaten by the family or sold. This type of insect is commonly eaten in Thailand and I guess Burma as well.

Some of the things I have seen on these trips, are hard to forget, they stick with you, they haunt your thoughts, they make you angry and more hardcore in your attempts to document and tell these stories.

An email I wrote to a friend in Canada about this video:

Here is another video from back in May (will post November vids later). The video is of young children preparing food for the family, it was made about 7-8am. The insects in the pail are common food in that part of the world (bargirls from Issan province often eat them as well). Compare the life style of these children to your own L…., or to the children in your private school, or any public school for that matter in Edmonton. Remember the movie 8mm where they talk about seeing terrible pictures you cannot unforget??? That idea is a true thing, when you see people living in conditions like this, especially the children and you can not unforget what you have seen, it sticks with you forever, it haunts you. That is what makes me  more harsh in regards to judging the inequalities we all face, why should some have so much? and others have so little? Why do we waste so much money here with our own selfish wants and needs and forget the young dirty girl cleaning the insects living in flies and garbage? Why is this young girl less important than your young daughter L….  I have a hard time understanding all of this…the value we put on different things in our worlds. We talk the good talk L…. about making changes and helping but we often just ignore things we do not want to see.

NOTE* I meant the comparison of the 2 young girls in this way, 1 (my friends girl) represented the remembered protected child and other the forgotten child.

Brother and sister making breakfast outside their dump home, Thailand 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Video: Recycling Food At The Dump

This video is from May my first trip to the dump, its of a lady worker recycling nuts that she found in the garbage, later on she will recook and feed this food to her family. During my time in the dump I saw the workers finding and saving food like this dozens of times, nothing was wasted, garbage to others was food for the families living at the dump.


I have scanned a bunch more negs, most of the 24 films that were developed a few days ago, I will post them soon. Am a bit exhausted as I worked 2 extra security shifts this week. I have to pay off some debts so the extra shifts were needed, right now I need to sleep.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas-Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope you all have a great day. Lets all appreciate how lucky and fortunate we really are. Ho Ho Ho smiles, fun times and joy!

24 Films Developed

I developed 24, 35mm Tri-x films from the last trip tonight. It was a good night of developing film and relaxing, my first real day off in like 3 or 4 months. I did not have to worry about printing a show, or traveling around the world and shooting 200 rolls of film, or going to a photo festival. It was a nice quiet, fun day, I slept in (boy did that feel good) worked on the blog and processed film, that was my day! Sometimes its great to just laze around doing nothing.

2003 Bargirl Seriesl Revisited

Here are some 10 year old colour shots from the bargirl series I did in 2003, these were all shot using direct flash with a 35mm Contax G2 and Agfa Optima (remember that film!). These portraits were made as part of a series of sex workers in the short time rooms where they took their customers. I just scanned the pics yesterday while doing the other new b/w scans, these negs were long forgotten and had been sitting in a box for many years. The world these women live in is very harsh but they possessed a strength, an honesty and a beauty that I will never forgot, I was lucky to have the opportunity to photograph them.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Natural Talent Means Drive?

I have always felt that the natural talent explanation thingy, the it comes easier for him/her because they are naturally talented is a bit of a cop out. All the greats worked their buts off, whether it was Cartier-Bresson, Sebastiao Salgado, Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh, they all worked till they dropped. Maybe that is the difference between them and the other fellows, they had the drive, the push, the never give up purposefulness that propelled them on to do great things.

Many people I think use the whole talent thingy as a cop out, I cannot do this or cannot accomplish that because I do not have the talent for it. Maybe people have certain strengths that help them a bit but I believe that's only like 10% of the picture, the rest is drive, hard work, never giving up and not making excuses. The great artists or the greats in any field just work harder than the guy next to them, they devote their lives to their art. Their talent, what makes them special is their drive and dedication to their craft.

If you want to succeed you just need to dedicate yourself and worker harder than those around you, stop being lazy, stop the excuses, do the work. Its as simple as that!

Two More Workshops Lining Up

I have 2 more workshops lining up for the new year, one is a darkroom the other a view camera. If these 2 workshops happen I can use the $170 to buy me some more 8x10 Iflord. I hope to use the Ilford for the continuation of the white background sex worker images (cheaper than Tri-x). I would prefer to use Tri-x for everything but the 8x10 size is so expensive its just plain scary. I have $4000 worth of 8x10 Tri-x purchased before the price increases in my freezers but I am saving that film to use for available light portraiture. I think the HP5 will work fine in the studio white background sex worker series, I have used it a few times in the past to good effect.

I have a bit of photography raised money coming in now, so I will use it all to buy the HP5. I got $50 for my talk, there will be another $170 for these 2 workshops and in another 3 or 4 months I should have another $100+ from blog advertising. Film is the most important thing I can buy with this money, film is the key. I remember having a disagreement with a friend about this, I said that buying film was more important than club related socializing spending, he felt that was wrong thing to say, a mistake of some kind. I just have to disagree with him, with film you can create new work, and in my mind thats where its at, thats what we should all be doing all the time, making pics! What can be more important than spending money on film? Hopefully these coming Ilford 8x10 buys will lead to some strong imagery.

The other kind of cool thing about film is that it has an expiry date on them. You have got to shoot the film before it gets to old. The 5x7 film I bought years ago is yelling for me to shoot it now, it was outdated in 2008, thou I have had it frozen since I bought it, its screaming at me now "SHOOT ME! YOU LAZY BASTARD!!" Because of this deadline-outdated thingy I am gearing up to shoot my 5x7 Linhof next trip. I will probably take around 400- 500 sheets of 5x7 with me to Asia and shoot it in 5 weeks. 

After creating some decent results from last trips 35mm work it will be hard to leave the Leica's behind, I might have to take 1 or 2 of those cameras along as well. This of course flies in the face of my earlier don't be dazzled by toys blog!! Hey folks if this stuff was easy to figure out then it would be no fun to do! All the problems, difficulties and failures make it that much more rewarding when things do work out.

November Trip Scans 2

A number of photos shot from 4 different ongoing series this trip, not sure how many of these projects I will continue, the dump work for sure, the rest, I do not know. I would like to shoot the people under the freeway series again with the 5x7 next trip but am unsure of the street kids work in Kathmandu (expensive to travel there and I am under time restrictions). I wish I could work at the photography full time instead of being a guard most of the time, then I could continue all of these projects and add another 4 or 5 : ))! What a wonderful dream that is, making photos 24/7 for the rest of my life.

Khune Ooh cooking "People Who Live Under the Freeway Series", Thailand 2013
Mother feeding child 1 "Families of the Dump Series", Thailand 2013
Mother feeding child 2 "Families of the Dump Series", Thailand 2013
Working group 1 "Families of the Dump Series", Thailand 2013
Working group 2 "Families of the Dump Series", Thailand 2013
Woman worker "Families of the Dump Series", Thailand 2013
Working group 3 "Families of the Dump Series", Thailand 2013
Cooking rice 2 "Street Kids Series". Kathmandu Nepal 2013
Tattooed man "Klong Toey Slum Series", Thailand 2013
Young girl worker "Families of the Dump Series", Thailand 2013