Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tonights Possible Exhibition Print

Am having some issues printing the coming "TRUMPET" exhibition photos. I ran into the second negative that as unprintable because of lack of sharpness. I need to stop using the SHARPENING TOOL when I put digi files on this blog, it gives me a false sense of what I have and what I do not have  in my negs. I do not have the advantage digital photographers have where they can simply sharpen images that are a bit out of focus. When your doing analogue negative printing that is simply not an option.

As a result of his problem I am printing alternative versions of the prints chosen for the exhibition. I hope this is acceptable and does not cause problems. It is really the only option I have, either that or "HEAVEN FORBID!!!" making digital printer prints. The second problem I am facing is that I am still missing one negative, which means if I do not find it soon I cannot print it to 20x24, thou I do have a nice 16x20 version of that print already matted and framed (from the Louie Gallery and Rosebud shows). Later I will run all the prints by Chris the curator of the show, I hope he still accepts 5 for the exhibition. I do not want to disappoint the people who gave this opportunity at Latitude 53 or the "Families of the Dump". I need at least 5 pictures hung to tell at least a tiny bit of their story.

Here is tonight's MAYBE exhibition effort, a photograph head of a young dump girl. The depth of field is extremely shallow, probably an inch or so. I think this photograph speaks to every child in the dump and the limited opportunities and futures they face.

I now move onto maybe print #2.

The 2nd attempt at a possible "TRUMPET" exhibition photography, garbage dump 2015 Thailand

Note* Later when I am doing platinum printing with digital negatives I will have the sharpen Photoshop tool in my toolbox.

Update* I printed 5 versions of this photograph on grades 2.5 and 3 at slightly different exposures. The white dot on the face is a result of a scratch on the emulsion. To avoid a black line I spotted the negative with red dye (thank you Jim A for your help there) using a Marsmatic 700 pen (thank you Rob P for your help there). When the print is dry I will try blend and eliminate the large white spot using retouching dyes.