Thursday, May 4, 2017

Got My Korona 5x7 (4x5) Camera Today

Got my Korona 5x7 (4x5) camera in the mail today from the states. It is one old but super cool piece of gear. It is fascinating to see how all the movements worked, some are geared movements! The camera did not cost much money, am very happy with it, it should be a great working tool.

On this camera I have:

Front Standard - I have tilt, swing, shift and rise and fall (geared).
Rear Standard - I have tilt (geared).

Update* I could not figure out what one knob on the camera was for! Just now I found a second knob on the opposite side of the body. When I undid both knobs I found that I also have swing on the rear standard. Go figure!! Those old camera designers sure had a way to get things done. This thing has a ton of movements. I love my Korona 5x7!

Love how all the different movements work and are locked and unlocked. A very different design than what I am used to. Loads of fun to play with. The camera is in reasonable overall condition but could use a good cleaning or two. The bellows seem to be in very good shape, possibly a second bellows for the camera. I doubt that there are any light leaks but will check before I use the camera.

The lens is a 8 1/2 inch (216mm) f 4.5 (faster then any other 210mm I own) Ilex Paragpm Anastigmat with working (except 1 second) No. 4 Acme Synchro shutter.  The glass is a bit dusty maybe a tiny bit of haze/fungus but should not be a problem to use to make beautiful photographs.

There is also a 4x5 reducing back and extension rail includes which makes shooting closer subjects possible in both 4x5 and 5x7 formats.

As a bonus it came with 2 wooden 5x7 holder, some extra dark slides, a normal long cable release (stiff need to fix it up) and a very nice very long air bulb release that works well (do not own any of these). There was also some sheets of black fabric that I might be able to turn into a workable dark cloth with some sewing.

I plan on using the camera on the "Oh! Canada!" wet plate project. Probably not the most necessary tool in my arsenal of cameras but a beautiful and historic camera that I plan to use to make wet plate photographs. Some how using a historic camera on this project just seems right! I will get a lensboard and mount my brass (Queen Victoria-Photographer Carl Vandyk) lens to this camera. I am not sure it will cover 5x7 but I can use it with the reducing 4x5 back.
My Photographer Carl Vandyk Brass Lens Blogs

Update**There is also a nice vintage (blue velvet cloth interior) lens cap included for the 8 1/2 inch Ilex lens. I could use the cap for the longer wet plate exposures if I do not want to use the T/B setting on the shutter. Using a lens cap as your shutter seems some how more historically correct!

Update*** Another thing of interest is the 5x7 ground glass. They have a a removable plastic type card that cuts the 5x7 image in half (the film sits between the ground glass and the plastic card). It can be slid from side to side, or taken out entirely. I have been thinking of creative uses for this item. What if I did head shot portraits of a subject in the landscape horizontal composition, the first exposure with the card on the left side, the second exposure with the card on the right side. I would have 2 slightly different (movement) versions of the face. This little card sliding option could be a very creative tool, it could help to make some compelling portraits, especially as ambrotypes.

My Korona 5x7 camera with 8.5 inch f4.5 lens and bulb cable release