Saturday, May 27, 2017

Am Printing The Dad On White Background Head Shot For "Healing Process"

Here is the second version of the dad on white background head shot. I need to lighten the left side shoulder in the image. I might also try an even more contrasty version of this print in the next versions. This photo was shot on my dad gifted 8x10 Deardorff (Eddie). It was made in my small home studio.

I set up this second studio copying the design-setup I used in Thailand for the sex workers portraits of 2007-09-12. This last portrait session of my father and the negs that resulted made the setting up of this studio (buying flash gear and soft boxes) well worth the extra expense. If I had not made the effort and paid out the doe, I would not now have these important negatives. (Note* part of my original flash gear is still in Thai).

I intend to use this head shot as the introductory image for the exhibition and for my artist talk. It was dads idea to change his hair, point it down, He did that mid session to get a different look, it worked, His collaboration helped the image.

The printing steps are pretty straight forward:
- 220 seconds f 11 with a 240mm in the Durst 8x10 enlarger. Magenta set at 105 on the color Durst head.
- Dodge left face/shoulder, jaw, mouth for 80 seconds (spread) wit large long handle round dodge tool.
- Mask # 1, added burn to the shoulders 90 seconds (also dodge area with hand movement).

2nd attempt at the opening shot of the dad "Healing Process" exhibition print.