Sunday, May 7, 2017

Submission Package For Burtynsky Grant

I thought I might as well include a blog on the submission layout package I submitted to the Burtynsky grant folks yesterday. These images you have all seen before. The order, the cover and everything else could be changed and moved round and round. My idea was to give the jury an idea of what was possible, what the book could be like. IF they gave me the grant and a chance to publish the work.

Getting a bit a head of myself here but IF I won the  grant and got a book published I plan to donate all the profits back to the families living in the garbage dump. My father always told me when he gave me some money "You need it more than I do!", I would often protest and he would say again "You need it more than I do!". That also goes for the families in the dump, book profits go to them, to buy school uniforms,  pay school tuition's for the children and buy food, working supplies like boots, headlamps hats etc. "They need the money more than I do". The families are what matters, the subjects, my subjects are what matters most, paying them back for the trust they put in me has to be my number one priority.

It would also be a very beautiful thing to have these documentary photos helping the people, helping the very folks in the photographs.

Anyway enough philosophizing, here are the pages I submitted in no particular order:

Note* I only submitted the first cover layout (with the family portrait on the front).