Sunday, May 21, 2017

Exhibitions Promotional Sheet

Did up a quick so so quality (about the best I can do) promotional sheet for my coming exhibitions. I I wanted to promote the work, the stories, and hopefully get a bigger turnout at the gallieres. Will try handing this out at the Art Gallery of Albert (AGA) this Friday. I am going to go to an opening night party at the gallery, the first of these I will attend. My hope is that I can give this sheet out to some of the AGA big wigs and some of the people in Edmonton who love art and support it. Sometimes you got to be a bit pushy to get what you feel is important recognized, and seen. To tell dads story, to tell the stories of the "Families of the Dump" I will be bit pushy. The end justifies the means! At least in this case.:))

Here are some screen captures of my little flier. It is printed on 1 sheet of paper, your seeing both sides of that sheet here.

Promotional Exibhition Sheet.