Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Social Documentary Photography, Yaum's Way

Recently I have had several intense discussions regarding art, my photography and what why I am trying to say as an artist. I had one in depth conversation with Chris from Visual Arts Alberta and last night with my friend Larry the same thing happened over some Vietnamese food. In recent years I have moved up to a more educated and passionate class of person when it comes to photography and art love. These discussions have promoted more personal thoughts on the subject. Tonight in the darkroom my mind goes back to those conversations as I continue to define and refine my points of view. I thought I would write some of that thinking down here, to help clarify things a bit in my artistically growing mind (hope hope!).

My art is about the subject, it is about the people I photograph, nothing else much matters to me. It is all about that human being who invites me into their world, ALL THE PEOPLE I meet and feel something for need their stories told. I do not want to pick and choose the most photogenic, or worry about outside elements like the most interesting light or interesting quirky gimmicks that might make for a better picture. Of course all those things are important and might improve a photograph and I do think about them but I do not want to focus  too much on such things, in the end it it is the person I worry and care for most. If I have a heartfelt and empathetic reaction to the person in front of me, I could care less how photogenic they are, or what the lighting is, etc. I will concentrate on that person, try to tell  their story, and let the rest fall where it may.

Each and every person regardless of other factors is of the utmost importance when making social documentary photographs. My work is about people, people, PEOPLE. Even thou others might not find that person of interest that is of little concern to me/ This is my work, my stories to tell and EVERYONE that connects to me in some way will have their stories told. At the end of the day I will know I did the right thing. In my photography I will treat all my subjects with equal respect and importance, and try to tell their stories to the best of my limited ability, if I do that all will be well.

"Ain't Photography Grand!!"