Monday, April 10, 2017

Will Take 8x10 Color Film To Thailand

I will take color negative 8x10 film with me this coming LEAVE trip. I might also take some color transparency 8x10 (I think I have some of that stuff). This trip I will concentrate on 8x10 shooting. I plan on shooting mostly Tri-x with my 8x10 camera "Eddie" (Dad bought Deardorff). Since I will have the gear there and since I have old 8x10 colour neg film frozen in my garage, I thought why not, lets shoot that film while we can. I am not sure about developing it later on but I should manage to find a C-41 kit from some manufacturer at some point. You all will see those scanned shots next year sometime. I expect to do some dump portraits and possibly some slum-boxing-worker portraits with the film.

Note* The other film and camera system I will shoot extensively next trip is 35mm Tri-x with my Leica's)