Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Major Dental Work Completed!! Thankfully!!!!!!

Well had my last major dentist appointment today. It went pretty well, no bad things happened. The dentist wants to take a look again at the 2 crowns he put in, in 2 weeks time. Today the freezing was slow acting, just like last time, it kicked in big time when I was done! Was standing paying the bill when the freeze hit me hard. Whats the deal with that? I did feel pain several times during the procedures today.

Had to pay $1800 CAD for the 2 crowns plus the cost of the earlier surgery stuff. Glad I got it done thou. Now I can concentrate on my photographs, printing here in Canada for the 2 shows and shooting both stills and a documentary film in Thailand. No need to worry about dental problems when I am in Asia! Those worries should be behind me for a while.

Will take a nap now, only had 2.5 hours sleep this morning. Then I will get up and start working on the first "TRUMPET" exhibition print. A 5x7 negative group portrait of a dump family in their shack.

Note* Had a multi tasking day, got a haircut from an Ethiopian barber. He did a nice job, charged quite a bit ($20) but spent a long time one me. I do not mind paying a bit extra if extra care is taken. I got it cut very short, over the next while when I am biking etc it will be a bit cooler. It was cool to speak to the barber about his country. He cut my hair a bit different than a Western barber might, he cut and trimmed along my forehead hairline. I have never had that done before. In Thai once a barber shaved the small hairs off my earlobes. But forehead hairline cutting? Never! I would love to go to Ethiopia someday, it would be an entirely different world for me.