Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bought Me Another Russian Camera, A Chaika II with Industar-69 Lens

After my earlier buy I went back to the Russian sellers mini eBay shop to see what else he was selling. I found a very cute little half frame 35mm camera (shoots 72 images on a 35 roll shot of 35mm film). The price of the camera was only $25 USD with $18 USD shipping from the Ukraine. I already own 3 half frame cameras and have shot 2 of those a fair bit, the 3rd I do not have a lens for yet. I love the little weird negs these cameras create. It seems like almost every time I use them I get something I weird and wonderful! Here is the latest and maybe the greatest (hope hope) half frame camera I own. Anyone read Russian? Check out the Russian language camera manual in the photos. I guess this camera dates back to 1971 (at least I was born when this camera was made).

My new-used Chaika II With Idustra 69 lens plus EXTRAS :))