Thursday, April 6, 2017

Great News, A New Exhibition!!! "TRUMPET"

Finally got a venue for 5 works from the "Families of the Dump" series. I got accepted as part of a probably 6 person exhibition in a joint Visual Arts Alberta,CARFAC, Latitude 53 show (Edmonton based), called "TRUMPET". I only applied for it at the last minute via email on April 1, and was accepted today April 6.

The exhibition pays $400, which  I can donate to the families when I return to Thailand, this artist fee is perfect timing for me. Who said photography has no power? Does no good! Two times, two different photo club people I hung with told those things. Both times they told me that photography had no real power, that it could not influence, that it did not matter, etc. I knew they were wrong then and know they are wrong now. This is a direct example of photos doing good, giving back to those that need it. I made the pictures in the dump, am showing the pics now in Edmonton, the money made from that exhibition is going back to HELP the people in the photographs. Plus as a bonus you educate, inform and raise awareness with the work. I hope also to donate my artist talk fee (if it happens, still unsure) from the coming AGSA "Healing Process" exhibition to the dump kids, a gift from my father who always worried about and loved children. Photography does have immense power, it is incredibly important. To those that say otherwise, YOUR WRONG!.... Boy that felt good! :)

I love how this exhibition worked out, wins all round!!! Love it!!!!

Here is the write up, the show submission call I submitted to.
Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC is partnering with Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture to stage a 3 – 5 person exhibition opening at the beginning of June 2017 at Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture in Edmonton.
Submission deadline: midnight Tuesday April 4th, 2017.
We are interested in artists that use art to question new political realities (locally, nationally, internationally) and who have a unique perspective that is under-represented or unrecognized within current exhibition and curatorial practises.  Special consideration will be given to artists operating from positions that may be termed marginalized or otherwise outside dominant cultural narratives.
I have been rejected 3 or 4 times from Latitude 53, now the work will be shown in that space with probably 5 others. It is all so exciting, made my day, feel great. Here are the 5 images I will exhibit. I need to print 3 of them to 16x20, , will start that this week. The 2 2013 photos were part of the Larry Louie gallery show so they are ready to go. If they allow it I will print all the images to 20x24, not sure there is enough space for that thou. I need to get these done fast as the exhibition is early June.

One weird part about all this is that I was totally confused when I received the positive email this evening. I asked myself , "What is TRUMPET?" "What pictures did I submit?" "When is the show?" "Where is the show?" I have been making too many submissions to too many galleries! I had to google and research my emails to figure out what was what. Now I know, and am VERY happy :))

Here are the pics that will be exhibited, either in 16x20 size (black frames) or 20x24 size (white frames).

Here are links to the Latitude 53 Gallery and some images of the space the group work will be shown in. This is definitely a C level gallery (check my earlier thoughts on gallery levels). It will be my second C level gallery of 2017. Another 10 or so exhibitions (need solo shows) at the C level and we can try to move up to the B level spaces! If I can make it to that level in my lifetime, if the work and the stories can reach that level of exposure, I will have accomplished an important life goal.

Latitude 53 Gallery Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Latitude 53 Facebook Page

Here is the earlier blog about my gallery level rating system. Sort of my own made up thingy.
Gallery Levels

Update* There is one downside to this good news. I submitted the same work to the VAA sponsored "Ten Voices" exhibition (deadline April 21 I think). Getting TRUMPET probably means the "Ten Voices" submission is now VOID. Too bad would loved to have told the "Families of the Dump" story twice before I returned to Thailand to continue the work.  Or I could have submitted something different to "Ten Voices". Maybe I should try that, there is a thought! Wonder if they let you do 2 submissions. If I need to drop the first submission for the 2nd to have a chance, that works too. Whatever gives me the best chance to tell the most documentary photography stories, is what I must do.
Ten Voices Submission Info
My Submission To "Ten Voices", 2 Photos Repeats